Pu’er | Waterloo, Sydney

Goodbye semester 1 and hello to my long-awaited holidays. Hey, I could get used to this repetitive cycle of work, shopping, food and sleep.

Last month, I had the pleasure of dining at Pu’er in Waterloo as a guest. Beautifully decorated, Pu’er is a modern Asian eatery that is inspired by tea houses. Instantly, I felt connected to this place! The traditional wooden Asian decor brings me back to my childhood where it resembles a lot of my relatives’ homes in China.

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Salvage Coffee | Artarmon, Sydney

Alright, I’ll save you all from the “finals suck” rant since I know 90% of you already know what I am talking about. As usual, sorry for disappearing on you guys – it’s been a hectic few months trying to juggle my hobbies, passion, work and uni and sadly, food blogging got put aside for a while. But here I am, back in the blogging game (with a new theme) and ready to feed you with some delicious photos and words!

Salvage Coffee is probably the best, if not, the most hip cafe in Artarmon! Their chalkboard menu might be small but every dish is on point.

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The Baron | Castle Hill, Sydney

After seeing The Baron being listed on UrbanList’s Sydney’s Top 10 Avocado on Toast article, I knew it was the next destination for my food adventures! I MEAN… GOOD AVOCADO ON TOAST? I’M SO THERE. It’s always been a place I wanted to visit so this gave me even more reason to go since it’s only a bus ride away. And a perfect opportunity to hang out with an old friend of mine.

Located outside Castle Towers, near the KFC entrance, is this neat little place that’s often quite busy (and very noisy if sitting inside) during lunchtime, even on a weekday. The place has a great, overall hip feel to it with its urban-style exterior and interior and of course, great seasonal menu that changes ever so often.

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Won San | Eastwood, Sydney

This place got me excited because I thought Eastwood had a new Korean restaurant since I haven’t seen the name Won San before on the Korean side of Eastwood. So my friend and I sat down, excited to try a new place only to realise that it was just Arisana but with a new name and possibly a new management team, maybe? But looks like they serve the same stuff, anyway.

The first time I came here when it was still called Arisana, I wasn’t very impressed with the food. Maybe it was because we ordered the huuuuuge dishes to share between like 10 people or something that made it not that impressive, but I thought I would never have the need to come back. But we already sat down so it was too late. Either way, this place was pretty popular, especially for a weekday during lunchtime so we gave it a go anyway.

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