Gumshara Ramen | Haymarket, Sydney

Before I begin the review, I just want to emphasise that I was severely ramen-deprived before going to Gumshara so this might be a little biased. Like, I wanted ramen so badly I had trouble sleeping. Not even joking.

Let’s revisit the first time I had Gumshara: it was a depressing day until Sydney Trains e-mailed to tell me they had found my phone (which I lost anyway in Queensland later that year…) Almost immediately, I hopped on the train to Central to fetch my baby (my phone) and the most logical thing to do after was to celebrate the miracle with a bowl of ramen. At that point, I had been hearing so many great things about Gumshara, I knew I had to go. Even if it was by myself… but don’t worry, this time I dragged a friend to come with me.

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Ippudo Sydney | CBD, Sydney

The frequency of my posts dropped from once a week to close to once a month… I have no excuses anymore! Though I did just come back from a trip to Cairns and Gold Coast which was really awesome and gave me some unsightly tanlines. Finally, I have a day to myself just to stay at home and write up a blog post and sip on all the T2 tea I got as presents for Christmas and my birthday. The future is bright.

Anyway, next on the list to review is the famous Ippudo Sydney, particularly the one at Sydney Westfield. This was the nominated place for my birthday dinner, but of course, me being the dumb person I am, I didn’t reserve a table beforehand. I was extremely close to just going to another restaurant because I was just so hungry but I stayed when I saw my friends at the front of the line, surprising me for my birthday! So Ippudo it was, despite the relatively long wait.

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