Mama’s Buoi | Surry Hills, Sydney

Mama’s Buoi is a lovely little Vietnamese restaurant that easily fits into the beautiful suburb of Surry Hills with its unique exterior and interior. For me, it’s a fresh addition to the Sydney food-scene because I find Vietnamese restaurants that put such a strong focus on aesthetics, very rare. Not saying that all Vietnamese restaurants look shabby (well, some do), their appearance was never something I noticed because I was just in it for the pho. Nothing else mattered, I don’t care if the restaurant doesn’t look pretty or whatever, if you serve food good enough to compensate it, that’s all I need. But hey, who doesn’t love a place that serves great food and looks good at the same time?

So for sure, Mama’s Buoi ticked off the ‘good looks’ box, they just needed to tick off the ‘good food’ box.

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Xic Clo | Chatswood, Sydney

The foods that I associated with Winter are hot pot, Japanese/Korean BBQ and noodles with some delicious soup. Things like ramen, udon and pho are great because they’re so affordable and delicious! So how can Winter pass without me reviewing some pho?

I was with my friend who only recently had her first pho ever (AT 18 YEARS OF AGE!!) with me but her first experience was disappointing to say the least. So while we were in Chatswood, I decided to take her to a place I used to go quite a lot back in high school after Saturday tutoring classes.

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