LuxBite | South Yarra, Melbourne

How could we leave Melbourne without indulging ourselves in some sweet heaven? Even before we came to Melbourne, we had our eyes set on either going to  Chez Dre or LuxBite or ideally, both. But we ran out of time and could only go LuxBite in South Yarra and somehow made our way there through these foreign tram things that confused the heck out of us. Felt so strange waiting in the middle of the road for a tram…

Unfortunately, we came a bit later in the afternoon and some of the cakes and desserts ran out but everything here still looked beautiful and delicious (though I admit, very small in size yet expensive). YAY PRETTY FOOD!!

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Wonderbao | CBD, Melbourne

Wonderbao has shown me the way of the bao. I’ll have to be honest, I never knew baos could be this damn good. It was one of those things I never had the urge to buy since I used to have it every single day when I was young. But my friend from Melbourne spoke so highly of it, so I had to go, right? Not only did this place show me how good baos could be, it also taught me to look up opening hours beforehand. Apparently, it wasn’t open for dinner so we had to postpone our Wonderbao trip for the next day. But no worries, we got here in the end!

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The Hardware Societe | CBD, Melbourne

Okay, for the first blog post of my long-awaited food blog, I had to start off with something awesome. Even if this place is in Melbourne… and I know most of you readers (the very few that I have) are from Sydney, this is a place that you must put down on your future Melbourne itinerary.

Although during my Melbourne trip, I failed to go to many of the places I had planned to go because time restrictions, I am so glad we Google Map’d our way here. Anything for good food, right?

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