Mappen | CBD, Sydney

Where does a money-deprived, hungry, tired-looking uni student go to rejuvenate? For me, it’s either going to be Tenkomori for their tasty ramen, Oiden for their hearty rice dishes or the subject of this review… Mappen for their amazing udon! If you visit these places as much as I do, you might be familiar with the Washoku Lovers offers these stores have. Washoku Lovers paired up with these popular Japanese eateries (and many more) to create affordable offers to those who just want a tasty, fulfilling and cheap Japanese meal! Being a member is heaps of fun – there’s always competitions and unique offers around Japanese cuisine and it’s free to join! What’s not to love, right?

If you haven’t been to Mappen yet, I hope I can convince you by the end of this review that this place is essential to any uni student’s diet. In short, Mappen is a casual self-serve Japanese eatery in a cafeteria sort of format. It’s easy to personalise your meal, with different sizes, sides and drinks for you to order. No idea why I haven’t done a review on this place but Washoku Lovers was kind enough to invite me to Mappen to review the food here.

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Tounaya | Eastwood, Sydney

As someone who usually sports short to medium length hair, it’s never a surprise to my friends when I get a hair cut they are so used to me going back and forth from medium length hair to a bob cut. It’s my hair cycle – and right now, I got a new hair cut and chopped it all off! Nice, short, and breezy. I love short hair because I was always ready to hide behind my hair when I was younger and it sort of gives me a boost in confidence, if that makes sense? Cause you have to put that extra effort to make it look good. I don’t know why I am talking about hair on a food blog but I guess the point to extract is that jumping into something new and unfamiliar is a pretty exciting thing! And that’s why I love going into relatively new restaurants around my area knowing very little to nothing about them since there’s so little reviews to judge off! That’s the mindset I had as I entered Tounoya in Eastwood, not knowing much except that it has a Hello Kitty karaoke room and serves Japanese food from the restaurant front. Read More »

Ippudo Sydney | CBD, Sydney

The frequency of my posts dropped from once a week to close to once a month… I have no excuses anymore! Though I did just come back from a trip to Cairns and Gold Coast which was really awesome and gave me some unsightly tanlines. Finally, I have a day to myself just to stay at home and write up a blog post and sip on all the T2 tea I got as presents for Christmas and my birthday. The future is bright.

Anyway, next on the list to review is the famous Ippudo Sydney, particularly the one at Sydney Westfield. This was the nominated place for my birthday dinner, but of course, me being the dumb person I am, I didn’t reserve a table beforehand. I was extremely close to just going to another restaurant because I was just so hungry but I stayed when I saw my friends at the front of the line, surprising me for my birthday! So Ippudo it was, despite the relatively long wait.

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Rengaya (Yakiniku Buffet) | North Sydney, Sydney

Mention the words “wagyu” and “all-you-can-eat” and you have me convinced that I’m in for a treat. I think most of you will agree with me that wagyu beef is possibly one of the best meats out there and being able to eat ALL you want of it is probably heaven made on earth. Obviously, it comes with a price…at $69.00 per person which is a pretty big number but honestly, quite a decent price if you’re a huge meat eater like me. Bringing your own lunch for uni for a few days to save up for a buffet like this wouldn’t hurt at all, considering the quality of the meat and other stuff.

Note that Rengaya has a few conditions you must follow for this yakiniku buffet such as a time-limit (120mins) and the general rule that you will have to pay for any excessive leftovers which is very reasonable.

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Kobe Jones – The Rocks Teppanyaki | The Rocks, Sydney

Oh boy, the mid-semester break is ending soon and I have so many food reviews coming up for you guys (you can guess how I wisely spent my break) but I’ll save them for later since we all know that once finals start coming in, fast/junk food becomes the staple diet. So I won’t be going to a fancier (and pricier) place like this anytime soon.

Speaking about pricey – this is definitely the most I’ve spent on myself for a food to date. And even then, my friends and I being poor uni students, used a heavily discounted Scoopon because realistically, I would have to starve myself for two weeks to afford a 10 course teppanyaki at Kobe Jones Teppanyaki. So thank you to Scoopon for fulfilling our teppanyaki fantasies since for most of us, it was a first time.

Note that I don’t really have an input to some of these dishes I’m posting since I’m actually allergic to most seafood, sorry!

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Kura Kura Japanese Casual Dining | Haymarket, Sydney

Most of the time, before a planned dinner, I research beforehand on where to eat based on people’s preferences. This time it was Japanese. Sure, I go to Japanese restaurants almost all the time, like the popular places such as Mappen or Poporo for some casual dining but I wanted somewhere different and more authentic and hence I found this gem, Kura Kura Japanese Casual Dining just near Chinatown. 

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