Bowery Lane | CBD, Sydney

I don’t usually venture to the Wynard/Martin Place area, except to change buses. But of course, food is a motivator. Because of food, I got my lazy ass off my bed, did some exercise (i.e. walk to the bus stop) and explored a place I hardly visit. Food, you bring the best out of me.

By the time we arrived at Bowery Lane, it was 11.27am which was apparently not a great time because the kitchen was closed from 11.30am-12.00pm. It confused me to think that a restaurant would be open but not have an operating kitchen, especially during a relatively busy time. Needless to say… I was getting a little ‘hangry’ at that point in time. Read More »


Mappen | CBD, Sydney

Where does a money-deprived, hungry, tired-looking uni student go to rejuvenate? For me, it’s either going to be Tenkomori for their tasty ramen, Oiden for their hearty rice dishes or the subject of this review… Mappen for their amazing udon! If you visit these places as much as I do, you might be familiar with the Washoku Lovers offers these stores have. Washoku Lovers paired up with these popular Japanese eateries (and many more) to create affordable offers to those who just want a tasty, fulfilling and cheap Japanese meal! Being a member is heaps of fun – there’s always competitions and unique offers around Japanese cuisine and it’s free to join! What’s not to love, right?

If you haven’t been to Mappen yet, I hope I can convince you by the end of this review that this place is essential to any uni student’s diet. In short, Mappen is a casual self-serve Japanese eatery in a cafeteria sort of format. It’s easy to personalise your meal, with different sizes, sides and drinks for you to order. No idea why I haven’t done a review on this place but Washoku Lovers was kind enough to invite me to Mappen to review the food here.

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Pu’er | Waterloo, Sydney

Goodbye semester 1 and hello to my long-awaited holidays. Hey, I could get used to this repetitive cycle of work, shopping, food and sleep.

Last month, I had the pleasure of dining at Pu’er in Waterloo as a guest. Beautifully decorated, Pu’er is a modern Asian eatery that is inspired by tea houses. Instantly, I felt connected to this place! The traditional wooden Asian decor brings me back to my childhood where it resembles a lot of my relatives’ homes in China.

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Salvage Coffee | Artarmon, Sydney

Alright, I’ll save you all from the “finals suck” rant since I know 90% of you already know what I am talking about. As usual, sorry for disappearing on you guys – it’s been a hectic few months trying to juggle my hobbies, passion, work and uni and sadly, food blogging got put aside for a while. But here I am, back in the blogging game (with a new theme) and ready to feed you with some delicious photos and words!

Salvage Coffee is probably the best, if not, the most hip cafe in Artarmon! Their chalkboard menu might be small but every dish is on point.

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Gumshara Ramen | Haymarket, Sydney

Before I begin the review, I just want to emphasise that I was severely ramen-deprived before going to Gumshara so this might be a little biased. Like, I wanted ramen so badly I had trouble sleeping. Not even joking.

Let’s revisit the first time I had Gumshara: it was a depressing day until Sydney Trains e-mailed to tell me they had found my phone (which I lost anyway in Queensland later that year…) Almost immediately, I hopped on the train to Central to fetch my baby (my phone) and the most logical thing to do after was to celebrate the miracle with a bowl of ramen. At that point, I had been hearing so many great things about Gumshara, I knew I had to go. Even if it was by myself… but don’t worry, this time I dragged a friend to come with me.

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This Month on Instagram (March 2015)

Confession time: I am a terrible food blogger (well, is that even surprising?). The fact that this wasn’t posted 2 days ago as planned, is evidence.

But seriously, I have so many awful habits that would get me disqualified if food blogging was a sport. Forgetting my SD card, not charging my battery or forgetting my DSLR altogether are just some of them. In sad times like these where I have no camera, I resort to my beloved phone.

Instagram is the platform I throw all my phone photos, filter the crap out of them and spam with #hashtags. Instagram posts takes 2 minutes while posts on this blog can take up to 2 hrs! Don’t blame me for being lazy, it’s just natural! Even though I slack off on Instagram, it deserves a little more attention because the food I mention there is seriously good! So for those who are missing out on my Instagram spam, I thought I could compile a list of the food highlights of last month (March) and share the deliciousness with you all.

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Enjoy a plate of Plateia

Ever since I started Jenny Chews, I never imagined the places I could go with it and the opportunities it could give me. All I wanted to do back then was to combine my two passions: food and photography, while escaping temporarily from the perils of the thing we refer to as ‘HSC’. What I found most amazing is that people actually enjoy reading my food rants. Crazy! A little more than a month ago, I joined a group of highly motivated, enthusiastic foodies at You Chews as an intern. Since then, I have learnt a lot about the story behind the food, something I had to be reminded the importance of.

At You Chews, our vision is to eliminate those awful, soggy sandwiches they provide at your office meeting or event to promote a positive office culture around delicious food. We are a marketplace that offers carefully curated food, provided by Sydney’s best local cooks. Other than providing people with meals worth talking about, our vision is to promote great local food and the story behind it.

What I do at You Chews, is like a little extension of what I do on this blog – I create content that engage audiences and share stories about awesome food. Below is a feature article I wrote on one of our suppliers, Plateia, a lovely small Greek eatery that serves some seriously good souvlaki skewers. While I like to separate work and my personal food blog, I just really wanted to share with you guys about this platform, to make things easier and brighter for everyone.

We are always open for suggestions so let us know if you want any awesome people that makes great food to be on our platform!


Greek street food has recently become a game changer in Sydney eateries. No longer is a ‘”gyro”, often referred to as a souvlaki, a quick, cheap, greasy eat on the run. The gyro has been has gone back to its roots, all the way from Athens to here in Sydney, with many Greek street food eateries recreating their homeland traditional food, with a westernized touch.

The gyro is traditionally slow roasted meat, served on pita bread with tomato, onion and tzatizki; however, all over Sydney you will find all kinds of exciting variations, each with different a different flare to entice us Greek-loving-addicts. Greek food is definitely no longer just about feta cheese and olives: it is now slowly becoming a food culture, complete with a cult following.


Here at You Chews we have sourced the best Greek street food we could find in Sydney: Plateia.

‘Plateia’ is the Greek word…

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Mrs P’s Coffee | Burwood, Sydney

One thing I have noticed since I’ve started the design component of my course at UNSW Art & Design (previously COFA, but COFA is much easier to say), is that my awareness for the little things around me has grown. The textures of the buildings, the noise pollution of the city, the simple fact that I can feel the floor with my soles of my feet… Simply put, I have gone a little crazy. However, other than the fact that all this soul-searching is for an assignment, it’s interesting to see why things exist and how they contribute to our lives, even if it’s minor. Just like how each meal with your friends and family is a unique experience as you learn a little more about each other over delicious food. Yes, I am just trying to make excuses to eat more despite certain resource shortages (i.e. money and time). See how I am applying my first-week uni knowledge into my blogs now? I don’t just eat all the time, I swear I study.

As studious as I am (ha ha), there is nothing that will stop me from going on food adventures with my friends. Like, absolutely nothing. So when my friend urged that we go to Mrs P’s in Burwood after having a very positive experience on her last visit, I dropped my pen and textbook and went!

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It’s Time for Thai | Haymarket, Sydney

Not sure how many people know this, but my first job was actually at my friend’s Thai restaurant! Unfortunately, it has closed down now but needless to say, it set a high bar for all the other Thai places I go to now. Upon my quest to find the perfect Thai restaurant in Sydney, I notice that Thai restaurants are generally on a scale of sweet to spicy. I guess I’ll explain further… I once went to a very popular Thai restaurant and asked for a spicy curry dish which ended up very …sweet?! It was confusing. I guess why I really liked the Thai restaurant I worked was that we always asked for how spicy people wanted it, whether it was a curry, a salad, anything!

Of course, there are people who love that sweet/very slightly chili taste of Thai food, but I personally like it full of flavour with a noticeable amount of chili. So it’s always exciting to find a Thai restaurant I actually love. It’s Time for Thai has two restaurants in Haymarket and Kingsford, for all you UNSW students who are looking for a good, somewhat cheap Thai fix.

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Tounaya | Eastwood, Sydney

As someone who usually sports short to medium length hair, it’s never a surprise to my friends when I get a hair cut they are so used to me going back and forth from medium length hair to a bob cut. It’s my hair cycle – and right now, I got a new hair cut and chopped it all off! Nice, short, and breezy. I love short hair because I was always ready to hide behind my hair when I was younger and it sort of gives me a boost in confidence, if that makes sense? Cause you have to put that extra effort to make it look good. I don’t know why I am talking about hair on a food blog but I guess the point to extract is that jumping into something new and unfamiliar is a pretty exciting thing! And that’s why I love going into relatively new restaurants around my area knowing very little to nothing about them since there’s so little reviews to judge off! That’s the mindset I had as I entered Tounoya in Eastwood, not knowing much except that it has a Hello Kitty karaoke room and serves Japanese food from the restaurant front. Read More »