Tounaya | Eastwood, Sydney

As someone who usually sports short to medium length hair, it’s never a surprise to my friends when I get a hair cut they are so used to me going back and forth from medium length hair to a bob cut. It’s my hair cycle – and right now, I got a new hair cut and chopped it all off! Nice, short, and breezy. I love short hair because I was always ready to hide behind my hair when I was younger and it sort of gives me a boost in confidence, if that makes sense? Cause you have to put that extra effort to make it look good. I don’t know why I am talking about hair on a food blog but I guess the point to extract is that jumping into something new and unfamiliar is a pretty exciting thing! And that’s why I love going into relatively new restaurants around my area knowing very little to nothing about them since there’s so little reviews to judge off! That’s the mindset I had as I entered Tounoya in Eastwood, not knowing much except that it has a Hello Kitty karaoke room and serves Japanese food from the restaurant front. Read More »


Won San | Eastwood, Sydney

This place got me excited because I thought Eastwood had a new Korean restaurant since I haven’t seen the name Won San before on the Korean side of Eastwood. So my friend and I sat down, excited to try a new place only to realise that it was just Arisana but with a new name and possibly a new management team, maybe? But looks like they serve the same stuff, anyway.

The first time I came here when it was still called Arisana, I wasn’t very impressed with the food. Maybe it was because we ordered the huuuuuge dishes to share between like 10 people or something that made it not that impressive, but I thought I would never have the need to come back. But we already sat down so it was too late. Either way, this place was pretty popular, especially for a weekday during lunchtime so we gave it a go anyway.

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