This Month on Instagram (March 2015)

Confession time: I am a terrible food blogger (well, is that even surprising?). The fact that this wasn’t posted 2 days ago as planned, is evidence.

But seriously, I have so many awful habits that would get me disqualified if food blogging was a sport. Forgetting my SD card, not charging my battery or forgetting my DSLR altogether are just some of them. In sad times like these where I have no camera, I resort to my beloved phone.

Instagram is the platform I throw all my phone photos, filter the crap out of them and spam with #hashtags. Instagram posts takes 2 minutes while posts on this blog can take up to 2 hrs! Don’t blame me for being lazy, it’s just natural! Even though I slack off on Instagram, it deserves a little more attention because the food I mention there is seriously good! So for those who are missing out on my Instagram spam, I thought I could compile a list of the food highlights of last month (March) and share the deliciousness with you all.

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Tounaya | Eastwood, Sydney

As someone who usually sports short to medium length hair, it’s never a surprise to my friends when I get a hair cut they are so used to me going back and forth from medium length hair to a bob cut. It’s my hair cycle – and right now, I got a new hair cut and chopped it all off! Nice, short, and breezy. I love short hair because I was always ready to hide behind my hair when I was younger and it sort of gives me a boost in confidence, if that makes sense? Cause you have to put that extra effort to make it look good. I don’t know why I am talking about hair on a food blog but I guess the point to extract is that jumping into something new and unfamiliar is a pretty exciting thing! And that’s why I love going into relatively new restaurants around my area knowing very little to nothing about them since there’s so little reviews to judge off! That’s the mindset I had as I entered Tounoya in Eastwood, not knowing much except that it has a Hello Kitty karaoke room and serves Japanese food from the restaurant front. Read More »

Jamie’s Italian | CBD, Sydney

FINALLY A DAY OFF! Man, the past few weeks have been hectic: desperately finishing off photos for a client, going to photoshoots (and hence more photos from that), my part-time job, my internship, starting pole-dancing classes and PLANNING MY LONG AWAITED JAPAN TRIP IN JULY!! Needless to say, my life has been all sorts of eventful and exciting but it also meant that I am guilty of neglecting my food blog for a bit since I haven’t had that many food adventures lately. Shocking, I know. And just when my life is calming down a bit, uni is just 2 weeks away – where the heck did my holiday go?! Oh well, at least I’m feeling (somewhat) productive with my life.

Jamie’s Italian was the very first restaurant I went right after I finished my HSC in 2013 as a super big treat for well, celebrating the end of HELLSC. I actually did a food blog post on it when I was still very new at food blogging and just did it once in a blue moon. I was actually very sad that they changed the menu! I absolutely loved the Wild Rabbit Tagliolini I had and still remember it til this day. Still, Jamie’s Italian still provided a lovely dining experience and their service is always noteworthy.

P.S. Remember to book beforehand to avoid waiting! It can get super busy, even on weekdays.

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Kanzi Fashion Cafe | Haymarket, Sydney

I’m sure some of you are familiar with the fashion brand Kanzi which has a few stores throughout Sydney. They offer very cute  Asian-inspired clothing as well as an equally cute cafe next to their Haymarket store! Ever since it opened, I’ve been visiting it quite frequently as it’s a perfect place to just chill with some friends and order some quality drinks and dessert. And that’s exactly what me and a friend did on a rainy day after we chowed down at Mad Spuds Cafe in Surry Hills. It provided to be the perfect location to shelter from the pouring rain and also a great choice for dessert with a comfy atmosphere!

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LuxBite | South Yarra, Melbourne

How could we leave Melbourne without indulging ourselves in some sweet heaven? Even before we came to Melbourne, we had our eyes set on either going to  Chez Dre or LuxBite or ideally, both. But we ran out of time and could only go LuxBite in South Yarra and somehow made our way there through these foreign tram things that confused the heck out of us. Felt so strange waiting in the middle of the road for a tram…

Unfortunately, we came a bit later in the afternoon and some of the cakes and desserts ran out but everything here still looked beautiful and delicious (though I admit, very small in size yet expensive). YAY PRETTY FOOD!!

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