Brewtown Newtown | Newtown, Sydney

First of all, I am finally back. I finally found time to just sit down at my computer, edit some photos and write about food, something I craved to do during those two hellish weeks of exams. Secondly, I am so sorry about my lack of time management and bad organisational skills – I’m sure I could’ve squeezed a review in the middle of my (somewhat) busy schedule if I really wanted to but I felt stress building up so I just decided to tackle some important issues first so I can deliver some quality content.

Actually, right after I finished exams like two weeks ago, it was my birthday! And how else would a food blogger celebrate her birthday? By fulfilling all her foodie dreams (and also by taking advantage of free food for birthday deals, of course) and abusing her power as birthday girl to take as looong as she wanted to take photos before everyone ate. Three foodie dreams were fulfilled this day – cronuts at Brewtown Newtown (yes, I also can’t believe it’s my first time), world famous gelato at Cow and Moon and some delicious ramen and green tea lamington at Ippudo! But let’s just take it slow and start off with Brewtown.

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Badmanner Cafe | Chatswood, Sydney

Now til now, there hasn’t really been a cafe in Chatswood I particularly like or regularly go to. The Asian food here is great and extensive but a bit lacking in the cafe and coffee section. What made me impulsively come here with my friend was the word in capital letters: CRONUT. I’m somehow amazed that I noticed it from the other side of the road, but I guess my food senses were strong that day. SO IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A CUTE CAFE IN CHATSWOOD that has cronuts without needing to trek all the way to the city (unless that’s more convenient for you, of course), READ ON! Read More »