Bao Dao Taiwanese Kitchen | Chatswood, Sydney

When this place first opened (around 2 years ago?), I often visited this place because 1. I love Taiwanese street food, 2. the proportions were small but affordable, meaning you could afford to order a lot of different stuff and 3. it had a great atmosphere and was small and cosy. However, I don’t go to Chatswood as much and I try to go to the new places that open on the rare occasions that I do go. But for my friend’s birthday, I decided to take her here since I’ve had good memories from this place, especially seeing some new additions on the menu.

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Badmanner Cafe | Chatswood, Sydney

Now til now, there hasn’t really been a cafe in Chatswood I particularly like or regularly go to. The Asian food here is great and extensive but a bit lacking in the cafe and coffee section. What made me impulsively come here with my friend was the word in capital letters: CRONUT. I’m somehow amazed that I noticed it from the other side of the road, but I guess my food senses were strong that day. SO IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A CUTE CAFE IN CHATSWOOD that has cronuts without needing to trek all the way to the city (unless that’s more convenient for you, of course), READ ON! Read More »