Pu’er | Waterloo, Sydney

Goodbye semester 1 and hello to my long-awaited holidays. Hey, I could get used to this repetitive cycle of work, shopping, food and sleep.

Last month, I had the pleasure of dining at Pu’er in Waterloo as a guest. Beautifully decorated, Pu’er is a modern Asian eatery that is inspired by tea houses. Instantly, I felt connected to this place! The traditional wooden Asian decor brings me back to my childhood where it resembles a lot of my relatives’ homes in China.

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Kin By Us. | Macquarie Park, Sydney

Ahhhh… the colder seasons are upon us! Am I the only one excited about the decreasing temperatures? Yes, it is freezing and rain is evidently not Sydney Transport’s friend (no seriously, what’s with the delays?!) but Autumn is still wonderful. Coffee inevitably becomes more attractive and the delicious, hot broth my mum makes has a whole new purpose! It’s the season of comfort food.
When Joy from BrunchonJoy approached me to organise a brunch adventure, I was simultaneously scrolling through my Instagram feed, obsessively liking the photos from Kin by Us (particularly that congee!). Now I wanted comfort food and she wanted brunch… Kin by Us appeared on my feed at a good time and I knew it would be our next destination.
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Mama’s Buoi | Surry Hills, Sydney

Mama’s Buoi is a lovely little Vietnamese restaurant that easily fits into the beautiful suburb of Surry Hills with its unique exterior and interior. For me, it’s a fresh addition to the Sydney food-scene because I find Vietnamese restaurants that put such a strong focus on aesthetics, very rare. Not saying that all Vietnamese restaurants look shabby (well, some do), their appearance was never something I noticed because I was just in it for the pho. Nothing else mattered, I don’t care if the restaurant doesn’t look pretty or whatever, if you serve food good enough to compensate it, that’s all I need. But hey, who doesn’t love a place that serves great food and looks good at the same time?

So for sure, Mama’s Buoi ticked off the ‘good looks’ box, they just needed to tick off the ‘good food’ box.

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[ EVENT ] Sydney Noodle Night Markets 2014

If you know me well enough, you would know that I’m not a huge fan of crowds at all – parties, social gatherings, music events… I’d much rather just stay home and write up a blog post while eating some Connoisseur Salted Caramel ice cream right from the tub (I am so addicted to this right now, guys). But I will always make an exception for food. Always. In fact, being in the company of so many people who all share your passion for food is quite enjoyable. Emphasis on a lot.

This was my first year at the Sydney Noodle Night Markets at Hyde Park since  I was in the same war that all HSC students are battling through at this time last year – wow, has it really been a year?! Of course, I would choose to go on the opening night because NOODLE! NIGHT! MARKETS! If I had to choose one food I would eat for the rest of my life, it’d be noodles. I know it’s unfair of me to give that answer because there are so many noodles in the world but that’s exactly why it deserves such a high place in my heart. Noodles are magical.

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