Salvage Coffee | Artarmon, Sydney

Alright, I’ll save you all from the “finals suck” rant since I know 90% of you already know what I am talking about. As usual, sorry for disappearing on you guys – it’s been a hectic few months trying to juggle my hobbies, passion, work and uni and sadly, food blogging got put aside for a while. But here I am, back in the blogging game (with a new theme) and ready to feed you with some delicious photos and words!

Salvage Coffee is probably the best, if not, the most hip cafe in Artarmon! Their chalkboard menu might be small but every dish is on point.

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Circa Espresso | Parramatta, Sydney

Just because I took the day off work because I am sick doesn’t mean I can’t write a blog post! Worked 6 days this week – I think I just had a clue of what it’s like to be a full-time working adult. Definitely a bit more physically challenging than being a full-time university student but hey, I’m enjoying it so far! I’ve always enjoyed working a lot more than studying – $$$ is motivating. Because with more money, means more food adventures! That being said, I guess I’ve been going on too many of these adventures since my bank account is looking a bit slim. Payday, why are you still a few days away?!

But let’s look back to a blissful time when Jenny still had money and entered this neat little cafe tucked away in the suburb of Parramatta, where she found one of her loves.

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Element 6 | West Ryde, Sydney

It’s been less than a week since my last update and SO much has changed! I am proud to say (for once) that I am finally enrolled in a degree I am genuinely excited about. I feel like I have hurdled over a few milestones within these few days: new degree, completing one successful drive without my mum screaming, cleaning my room and having the heart to throw away 50% of my crap, overcoming the painful pimple in my nose, building an alpaca nanoblock and (something a little more relevant) getting over 10,000 views on my little blog! To others, it’s a pretty small number; to me, it’s a huge milestone and a great source of motivation. So thank you to all of you who continue to support what I love doing (that is, writing essays about food over and over again, basically repeating the same thing with different synonyms provided kindly by Google) and the friends who always encourage me to do more. HOORAY FOR POSITIVITY!

Let’s keep that positive attitude for a little longer for this blog post about a small but impressive cafe, Element 6, located in the humble suburb, West Ryde. This place was actually chosen by a friend of mine – usually I love it when people choose restaurants for me, especially when it’s usually me doing the choosing (that’s what you get for being a food blogger, I guess). Actually, we came here because I lost a bet I though for sure I would win (and was so very wrong) and I had to shout him food. But hey – the food was good so I will just pretend I was just doing a good deed.

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Rengaya (Yakiniku Buffet) | North Sydney, Sydney

Mention the words “wagyu” and “all-you-can-eat” and you have me convinced that I’m in for a treat. I think most of you will agree with me that wagyu beef is possibly one of the best meats out there and being able to eat ALL you want of it is probably heaven made on earth. Obviously, it comes with a price…at $69.00 per person which is a pretty big number but honestly, quite a decent price if you’re a huge meat eater like me. Bringing your own lunch for uni for a few days to save up for a buffet like this wouldn’t hurt at all, considering the quality of the meat and other stuff.

Note that Rengaya has a few conditions you must follow for this yakiniku buffet such as a time-limit (120mins) and the general rule that you will have to pay for any excessive leftovers which is very reasonable.

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Kura Kura Japanese Casual Dining | Haymarket, Sydney

Most of the time, before a planned dinner, I research beforehand on where to eat based on people’s preferences. This time it was Japanese. Sure, I go to Japanese restaurants almost all the time, like the popular places such as Mappen or Poporo for some casual dining but I wanted somewhere different and more authentic and hence I found this gem, Kura Kura Japanese Casual Dining just near Chinatown. 

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Wonderbao | CBD, Melbourne

Wonderbao has shown me the way of the bao. I’ll have to be honest, I never knew baos could be this damn good. It was one of those things I never had the urge to buy since I used to have it every single day when I was young. But my friend from Melbourne spoke so highly of it, so I had to go, right? Not only did this place show me how good baos could be, it also taught me to look up opening hours beforehand. Apparently, it wasn’t open for dinner so we had to postpone our Wonderbao trip for the next day. But no worries, we got here in the end!

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The Hardware Societe | CBD, Melbourne

Okay, for the first blog post of my long-awaited food blog, I had to start off with something awesome. Even if this place is in Melbourne… and I know most of you readers (the very few that I have) are from Sydney, this is a place that you must put down on your future Melbourne itinerary.

Although during my Melbourne trip, I failed to go to many of the places I had planned to go because time restrictions, I am so glad we Google Map’d our way here. Anything for good food, right?

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