Product Review: BakeBox!

What a wonderful time to be alive: Australia is flourishing with an abundance of innovative, life-changing start-ups for food lovers like you and me. BakeBox is a great initiative started by two of my friends, who both share a passion for baked goods and want to extend this passion straight to your door. That’s right – straight to your door. Wake up to the aroma of freshly baked treats from your favourite bakery without even stepping outside! Yes, this service is going to make us perpetually lazy people but don’t tell me that you weren’t secretly hoping for something like this. BakeBox is also a great way to surprise a friend on their birthday with a box of seriously great stuff. Read More »


This Month on Instagram (March 2015)

Confession time: I am a terrible food blogger (well, is that even surprising?). The fact that this wasn’t posted 2 days ago as planned, is evidence.

But seriously, I have so many awful habits that would get me disqualified if food blogging was a sport. Forgetting my SD card, not charging my battery or forgetting my DSLR altogether are just some of them. In sad times like these where I have no camera, I resort to my beloved phone.

Instagram is the platform I throw all my phone photos, filter the crap out of them and spam with #hashtags. Instagram posts takes 2 minutes while posts on this blog can take up to 2 hrs! Don’t blame me for being lazy, it’s just natural! Even though I slack off on Instagram, it deserves a little more attention because the food I mention there is seriously good! So for those who are missing out on my Instagram spam, I thought I could compile a list of the food highlights of last month (March) and share the deliciousness with you all.

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Enjoy a plate of Plateia

Ever since I started Jenny Chews, I never imagined the places I could go with it and the opportunities it could give me. All I wanted to do back then was to combine my two passions: food and photography, while escaping temporarily from the perils of the thing we refer to as ‘HSC’. What I found most amazing is that people actually enjoy reading my food rants. Crazy! A little more than a month ago, I joined a group of highly motivated, enthusiastic foodies at You Chews as an intern. Since then, I have learnt a lot about the story behind the food, something I had to be reminded the importance of.

At You Chews, our vision is to eliminate those awful, soggy sandwiches they provide at your office meeting or event to promote a positive office culture around delicious food. We are a marketplace that offers carefully curated food, provided by Sydney’s best local cooks. Other than providing people with meals worth talking about, our vision is to promote great local food and the story behind it.

What I do at You Chews, is like a little extension of what I do on this blog – I create content that engage audiences and share stories about awesome food. Below is a feature article I wrote on one of our suppliers, Plateia, a lovely small Greek eatery that serves some seriously good souvlaki skewers. While I like to separate work and my personal food blog, I just really wanted to share with you guys about this platform, to make things easier and brighter for everyone.

We are always open for suggestions so let us know if you want any awesome people that makes great food to be on our platform!


Greek street food has recently become a game changer in Sydney eateries. No longer is a ‘”gyro”, often referred to as a souvlaki, a quick, cheap, greasy eat on the run. The gyro has been has gone back to its roots, all the way from Athens to here in Sydney, with many Greek street food eateries recreating their homeland traditional food, with a westernized touch.

The gyro is traditionally slow roasted meat, served on pita bread with tomato, onion and tzatizki; however, all over Sydney you will find all kinds of exciting variations, each with different a different flare to entice us Greek-loving-addicts. Greek food is definitely no longer just about feta cheese and olives: it is now slowly becoming a food culture, complete with a cult following.


Here at You Chews we have sourced the best Greek street food we could find in Sydney: Plateia.

‘Plateia’ is the Greek word…

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