Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously | Surry Hills, Sydney

This is a story about the day I woke up at 7.00am for breakfast at 9.00am in the city and then went back home straight to snuggle up in bed. Was it a productive day? Not at all. But if you ask me if it was a good day, then yes it was.

For coffee lovers enthusiasts, the name Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously is already inviting enough. Not only is your coffee tailored to your taste, it’s tailored joyously! 🙂 This spacious and well-lit cafe is located within metres of Central Station!! So what are you waiting for?

Coffee haven, indeed.

The trademark blues, white and wooden textures makes the whole interior extremely inviting and easy on the eye. Don’t worry, food-tographers, there’s plenty of lighting and space for you to capture that perfect shot too!

It’s become a ritual to get my soy latte whenever I visit any cafe, regardless of whether I have exceeded my daily caffeine intake. The wonderful thing about Haven is that you are able to tailor the coffee to your taste on five things: aroma, sweetness, acidity, body and aftertaste. Whether you want extra aroma, extra sweetness, medium acidity and a little bit of aftertaste and two sugars, they will do it! However, I am not going to pretend that I can tell what the difference is… because I can’t. Might need a few more coffees for that.

Baked Polenta – $16.50 + Bacon $3.00

Good news for all you vegetarian and gluten-free people! This delicious Baked Polenta caters for all! There’s plenty here to keep your taste buds happy. With the creamy yolk, crispy polenta and soft mushrooms, this dish practically has it all. Except for bacon. So I took the liberty to add that in too.

Pork Belly Kimcheese Burger – $19.00
Messy, but totally worth it!

Sure, it was 9am but it’s never too early for a daring burger, especially when it looks this damn good!! Marked as a ‘must try’ item, this colourful creation is stacked with sauces, spices and a generous slab of tender pork belly. Some people might question kim chi and cheese together but I tell you, it’s the perfect combo. Definitely recommend trying this! But be sure to grab a napkin or two because it gets a little …messy.

CONCLUSION: I love a nicely decorated, modern and spacious cafe that’s not only conveniently located right next to Central station, but also has an extensive menu and good coffee! Haven has definitely ticked all the boxes for me and is easily a place I would go to with my friends for a brunch or early breakfast before uni. I’m eager to try their Soba Noodles in Miso, Earl Grey and Lavender Broth next time!! For recommendations, I would get the Kimcheese Burger just for unique, messy burger experience.

Address: 30-34 Chalmers Street,Surry Hills, Sydney

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am-4pm; Weekends: 8am-4pm

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