Belly Bao | CBD, Sydney

Let’s give you a break from my Japan spam and talk about the #instafamous Baoger that has been floating around social media lately. Know what I’m talking about? Read on. Don’t know what I’m talking about? You should still read on. 😉

Side note: Belly Bao only serves the baoger on Thursdays so keep this in mind!!

Immediately, I was in love with the place and atmosphere – the venue was swarmed with people at that point (~6.30pm). With the dim yet colourful lighting, cosy seats and sweet playlist, I knew this place was going to be one of my favourite Thursday night hangouts. Be careful though, it gets pretty packed and it might be worth it to reserve a table.

Good recycling.

Crackling Roast Pork Belly & Crispy Tofu Bao – $6.50 each

So I know we came for the Baoger, but I still had to try their classic baos. Ever since my wonderful Wonderbao experience, I fell in love with these fluffy, flavourful concoctions. Belly Bao did not disappoint – the bread was nice and pillowy, contrasting with the crispiness of the Roast Pork and Crispy Tofu! So good!!

Sweet Potato Chips – $7.00
CLOSE UP! Look at that chili aioli.

When ordering any burger, there’s an unwritten rule that one must have chips. And there’s nothing better to complement an Asian-inspired burger than with these sweet potato chips drizzled with chili aioli.

BAOGER (Single Patty) – $12.00
BAOGER (Double Patty) – $15.00

LOOK AT THESE BEASTS! What makes these Baogers so special is their handmade bao burger buns that replace your traditional bread buns. They’re extra soft, making the burger easier to hold. Also it’s a perfect size because it actually fits in your mouth!! The tender, juicy Angus beef patty topped with gooey cheese and the kick of the radish instantly converted me into a fan! If you’re not feeling extra peckish, I personally think the Single Patty is enough. It’s the perfect ratio of bread, meat and veggies.

CONCLUSION: First of all, I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the venue – it’s fun, casual and has great music. Secondly, I love that 90% of the menu doesn’t require cutlery – it’s one less obstacle between me and the food! Definitely recommend it if you just want a fun night with a couple of friends.

For my next visit, I have my eyes on the fried chicken.

Address: 53-55 Liverpool Street, Sydney, NSW

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