Jenny Travels | Osaka | Part 1

I’ve been spamming about Japan on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – sorry to those who follow me on all three platforms. And an extra apology to those who also read my blog (but thank you, as well) because I am going to rant about it here as well.

As most of you know, it’s my very first overseas trip without my family so it was not only nerve-wracking but also incredible. I have a whole list of places to travel to and Japan is finally ticked off, though I have plans to go to Kyoto and Hokkaido next time!

Alright, first stop was the amazing Osaka – a much more relaxed version of Tokyo is how I would describe it!

P.S. I don’t know half of the names of the places I’ve been to because well… language barriers and laziness.

Nankai Soba, Nanba 

Okra Cold Soba
Hot Soba with Egg

Type of Food: Mostly soba and udon.
Price Range: 100yen – 600yen

As you can tell, I don’t really know what we ordered.

Located right next to Nanba Station, this was a place where people come and go for a quick, cheap and delicious meal. Nankai Soba is an example of Japan’s popular standing restaurants, where I noticed a huge fraction of the customers were busy salarymen. Here, I was also introduced to an interesting ‘vending machine’ ordering system where you insert coins, pick, collect the ticket and hand it to the chef.

Efficient, space-saving, affordable and hassle-free: Japan knows how it should be done.

All Hail Conbini Stores and Vending Machines!

Our conbini haul on the first night.

I had to include this somewhere in my blog post. The drinks from the vending machines were not only cheap, they were also super convenient – perfect for the hot, humid weather over there!

Also, yes, we got some alcohol (WHICH IS SUPER CHEAP IN JAPAN, BY THE WAY) to ensure we would have a good night’s sleep after a 12 hour flight. Note that the drinking age in Japan is 20 and my friend and I are both 19…

 Tenjin Matsuri

Haunted house that wasn’t actually that scary but I got scared anyway…
Fishing! A popular festival activity in Japan.
River procession.
I think the most interesting thing was that these were made by a very serious looking guy.
Toffee strawberries!
Beef Yakitori

Type of Food: Yakitori, Toffee Fruits, Puffs, Cucumbers, Crepes, Yakiudon, Takoyaki… all the Japanese street food!
Price Range: 200 yen – 1000 yen

I could write a whole post about Tenjin Matsuri! To sum it up, Tenjin Matsuri is one of Japan’s biggest festivals full of food, parades, fireworks and fun activities (like fishing) for the family to enjoy. Seriously an awesome cultural experience even though we left the riverbank before the fireworks came on. Absolutely loved the fun, vibrant atmosphere where people were dressed up nicely in yukatas and all of course, the street fooooooooood. We even got to go into a haunted house, which was apparently not that scary (according to my friend) but I wanted to piss in my pants anyway.

If you ever go to Japan from July – August, this is a must-go experience!

Unknown, Namba


Type of Food: Udon
Price Range: 300 yen – 600 yen

Ordering this on a super hot and humid day in Osaka was a rookie mistake. The sweat on my face seeped through my pores at an exponential rate and I could feel my face turning beet red.

These small, homely udon joints can be found almost anywhere in Osaka! It’s quick and cheap and the udon noodles are springy and thick.

A la Campagne, Nishinsaibashi

Cute interior!
Blueberry Tart
Strawberry Tart
Hot Milk Tea – look at the sugar cubes!

Type of Food: Tarts and Pastries
Price Range: 600 – 1000 yen

After spending a whole day at Loft (a godsend department store in Japan), we were tired and just wanted have a drink and relax. Following our gut, we went into this cute patisserie where we were greeted by A+ service. It was our first time in a proper restaurant since arriving in Japan and we were impressed that they had a basket for our bags. Later, we realised this was the norm for restaurants in Japan!

Thanks for reading! That ends Part 1 (give you a break from reading). Stay tuned for more travel tales!


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