Paper Plane Cafe | Parramatta, Sydney

Visiting Paper Plane Cafe has been on my list for a while now – especially after all the hype it received last year! It’s always nice to see new trendy cafes popping up in the suburbs. No more hour-long bus rides to the CBD and surrounding suburbs for a nice cafe meal on the weekend.

At first glance, Paper Plane Cafe is a humble and homely cafe off the busy streets of Parramatta. Take a closer look at their extensive and diverse menu, you can tell that they are really passionate about their food! With an impressive array of food inspired from international cuisines, there’s something for everyone.

Peach Melba Iced Tea – $4.50
Soy Latte – $4.00

There is something extremely welcoming about having one or two brightly coloured flowers on the table. Their plates are also vibrant, fun and really photogenic – every food photographer’s dream, right?

For drinks, we ordered a Melba Peach Iced Tea and of course, my usual Soy Latte. The coffee was decent – one of the best you can get in Parramatta.

Egg’s Benedict with Bacon and Avocado – $15.00

Mmmmmm… look at that perfect, creamy yolk! What can go wrong with an Egg’s Benedict? The Hollandnaise sauce was nice and creamy, the bacon was not too crispy (just the way I like it) and the avocado is there to, you know, make sure your meal is a little more balanced.

Pulled Pork Fries (Avocado Separate) – $15.00

Broooooo… what isn’t mouthwatering about Pulled Pork Fries?! Make sure you eat all of this fast before the fries go soggy! Piled up with everyone’s favourites: sour cream, sweet chili sauce, jalapenos, mashed avocado with peas and juicy, tender pulled pork.

Chorizo Hot Pot – $14.50

Aaaaaand this was mine: a great Winter warmer with a slightly spicy flavour to it. They’re generous on the beans and chorizo and the sourdough is nicely toasted! It was a bit watery for my liking – I can’t help but always compare these sort of dishes to the amazing baked eggs dish I had in Melbourne. Putting my bias aside, this was a really filling and enjoyable dish, mainly because it’s quite flavoursome.

CONCLUSION: One of the best parts about Paper Plane is that the portion sizes are actually pretty big and there’s loads to choose from! If I got something like this around the Sydney CBD, it would cost me close to $20 for each dish! Now, the food here isn’t mind-blowing but you will definitely leave feeling satisfied and full after having a hearty meal at Paper Plane Cafe. I am not entirely sure if it’s worth the trek if you don’t live near Parramatta but it’s a decent cafe with no outstanding flaws.

Perks: Free Wi-Fi?! Nice!

Address: Shop 5 ,2 Horwood Place, Parramatta, Sydney, NSW

Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM – 2.30PM, Sat-Sun: 9AM – 2.30PM

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