Elbow Espresso | Chatswood, Sydney

Oh, how glad I am to be home today. The last two days put some serious strain on my muscles: fighting nature doesn’t really get you anywhere. I would start on one side of the walkway and be blown by the crazy wind to the other side! Nature, you win. Hopefully everyone will stay safe in the midst of this dreadful weather! While it’s not the ideal weather to go out for brunch, it’s never too early to plan, right? Here’s a place I would recommend for your next breakfast/lunch destination once the blue sky is back again. Elbow Room Espresso is one of those places that easily gets lost, especially with all the hype over all the new restaurants in The District Interchange. I actually passed this place by accident when I was trying to look for it! The cafe bears a clean, polished look and blends well with its surroundings.

Don’t ask me why I took a photo of these.
House Blend Soy Latte – $4.00

Elbow Room Espresso had a few options for your coffee brew: single origin, house blend or their ‘spotlight’ brew. The waitress recommended the house blend for your usual lattes. The milk was frothed to perfection; the barista did an excellent job with the texture! However, I would’ve enjoyed a stronger coffee.

French Toast – $14.00
Yeah, I took two photos of it. Because it’s that pretty.

French Toast is one of those things where restaurants can really play around and produce something uniquely theirs. With all these interesting variations of french toast popping up all over Sydney, there is some tough competition to beat. Elbow Espresso succeeds in its aesthetics but lacks innovation. Overall, it’s quite an average french toast but I do love the addition of ricotta cheese here! Orange Chicken Salad – $14.00 I LOVE THIS! I am not the biggest ambassador for salad, especially one that has rocket, but this was so delicious! Maybe it’s the funky container they put the salad in that makes it seem like they picked it right out of a farm. The oranges were sweet, the almonds gave a splendid, crunchy texture and the dressing was light and tangy (like them Thins chips). Also, this salad had meat in it which automatically gives it a good grade in Jenny’s books.

Thank you Elbow Room!

CONCLUSION: Elbow Espresso is probably one of my favourite cafes in Chatswood and I would definitely bring my friends here. The coffee was decent, the food was fresh and delicious (and damn good-looking)! However, the service was lacking since there was only one waitress and barista holding down the fort. Other than that, I enjoyed my stay! Unfortunately, it was only the two of us so we weren’t to try out their extensive menu so my judgement may be skewed because of this. While Elbow Espresso isn’t exactly mind-blowing, it is a worthy all-rounder that doesn’t have any particular faults.  Definitely going to go again to try their Korean tacos and bruschetta!

Address: 6 Spring Street, Chatswood NSW 2067

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