Kin By Us. | Macquarie Park, Sydney

Ahhhh… the colder seasons are upon us! Am I the only one excited about the decreasing temperatures? Yes, it is freezing and rain is evidently not Sydney Transport’s friend (no seriously, what’s with the delays?!) but Autumn is still wonderful. Coffee inevitably becomes more attractive and the delicious, hot broth my mum makes has a whole new purpose! It’s the season of comfort food.
When Joy from BrunchonJoy approached me to organise a brunch adventure, I was simultaneously scrolling through my Instagram feed, obsessively liking the photos from Kin by Us (particularly that congee!). Now I wanted comfort food and she wanted brunch… Kin by Us appeared on my feed at a good time and I knew it would be our next destination.

I want one in my room.

Alright, I love the cold but the weather on this particular day was awful – I was wrestling with the wind, blindly walking on the path with my rain-stained glasses. Even on a day where most people would wish they had stayed at home, Kin by Us was still busy as ever. Luckily, I only had to wait 15 minutes for a table for two. I was just happy that I was waiting inside the restaurant where it was nice and toasty, rather than being stuck outside.

Reminds me of my grandparent’s house in China!

Props to Kin by Us for having an inviting, cosy interior. I particularly love this wall because it takes me back to my childhood, when I used to live in my grandparents’ house in Guangzhou. Ahh… I want to go back to China!
On a more random note, isn’t it interesting that an abacus is used as decoration here? Can you imagine our calculators being used for the same purpose 20 years into the future? That’s insane.

Soy Latte – $4.00 and Flat White – $3.50

Seriously, the best part of eating with another food blogger is that I can be as shameless as I like in capturing the perfect photo. In case you couldn’t tell, we tried to make it as symmetrical as possible. As usual, I ordered a soy latte and Joy got herself a flat white. You’re not really here for  ground-breaking coffee so don’t expect too much. Still, it was decent enough to get me through the day.

Miso Yummy – $17.00

When a dish is called Miso Yummy, you know they will have something to back it up. It’s a humble, yet incredibly enjoyable dish. You can tell the onsen eggs were cooked with love – the creamy yolk was a sight to behold. The sourdough’s porousness allowed the gooey golden goodness to seep through: sourdough + egg yolk = heaven. While I wasn’t able to personally try the salmon, I could tell Joy really enjoyed it by the way she cleaned her plate. The miso flavour was not too overpowering but just enough to harmonise with the other parts of the dish.

Snap Crackle Plop – $10.00

Mmmmmm…. yes. Snap Crackle Plop is a perfect combination of pork crackling and chicken rice topped with a glorious onsen egg. An extremely meaty-flavoured rice dish without any actual meat, it’s definitely something I would typically enjoy on cold days like this. However, be sure to order something else because the portion size isn’t enough to fill you up if you’re hungry!

Congee – $15.00

This was what I was waiting for: chicken congee with pork floss, onsen egg and Chinese doughnuts. Congee, for me, is the remedy for everything. My mum makes it every time a family member gets sick or as a complement dish to her stir fry noodles. Needless to say, Kin by Us has tough competition to beat (my mum) and I would like to applaud them for producing one that tastes almost like home. The chicken flavour was subtle and the pork floss added an interesting texture to it. The onsen egg didn’t really add much to the dish, but hey, who doesn’t love a beautiful soft boiled egg? One big disappointment was that the Chinese doughnut was not crispy at all! I have always found that the doughnuts are an integral part of congee, because it adds a whole new layer of texture and flavour. That being said, it was definitely not as oily as normal Chinese doughnuts… but that’s a trade-off I’m not willing to take if it’s not going to be crispy.

Banana and Tofu Smoothie – $7.00

I had a huge dilemma when I was deciding what drink I should get after my meal! It was cold and I knew it was logical to get a hot tea or something but nope, my heart called out to the Banana and Tofu Smoothie. Seriously, wouldn’t you?! It’s banana and tofu! Though I was skeptical at first, I enjoyed this immensely – the tofu contributed to a much smoother texture, and reminded me of the sweet tofu dessert at yum cha. Love it!

Iron Goddess – $4.50

Joy opted for a more sensible choice: a pot of hot, fragrant oolong tea. I am a big fan of that teapot.

Thank you Kin by Us!

Also yeah, if you were wondering, all the food in this post was conquered by two people. Yeah, I’m pretty proud.
CONCLUSION: Although I wasn’t so impressed by the Congee, the rest of our dishes were delicious and a pleasure to eat. Their menu is unique and it’s difficult to pinpoint what cuisine it falls under. What I find most attractive about this place is that it exerts an extremely warm and inviting atmosphere. It also helps that customers are greeted by Uel of MKR when you enter the restaurant. Overall, a very positive experience with the restaurant and would love to go again to try the waffles!
Address: 2 Saunders Close Macquarie Park, NSW 2113 KIN By Us on Urbanspoon


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