Product Review: BakeBox!

What a wonderful time to be alive: Australia is flourishing with an abundance of innovative, life-changing start-ups for food lovers like you and me. BakeBox is a great initiative started by two of my friends, who both share a passion for baked goods and want to extend this passion straight to your door. That’s right – straight to your door. Wake up to the aroma of freshly baked treats from your favourite bakery without even stepping outside! Yes, this service is going to make us perpetually lazy people but don’t tell me that you weren’t secretly hoping for something like this. BakeBox is also a great way to surprise a friend on their birthday with a box of seriously great stuff.

Mmmmmm.. what’s in here?

I fell in love with Mrs P’s cinnamon scrolls provided by Oregano Bakery and wanted them bad. Let’s be honest, the chances of me going all the way to Banksmeadow for them is pretty low, even if those scrolls were pretty damn amazing. Vincent and Brian (the masterminds behind BakeBox) were kind enough to give me a box of cookies and cream scrolls ($5.50 each) from the same bakery for me to try.

Cookies and Cream Scrolls ($5.50)

Even before opening the box, the smell was divine, and my stomach was calling out for it. It looked and smelt so good that it grabbed the attention of a few people on my table when I was (supposedly) studying. I shared some with the stranger (and did a little advertising about my blog and the service while I was at it) and my friend because honestly, I found it hard to even finish one by myself – they’re huge! Before eating, I would like to warn you guys that it gets very messy, especially since the icing is so smooth, rich and deliciously sweet. My laptop got a little sticky from it afterwards and made me give up studying, but no regrets. They also recently started to offer doughnuts by Glazed on their site! Be sure to check it out!

Doughnuts by Glazed!

Thank you again to BakeBox for this box of treats! Be sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook page as well for more baked goodies!


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