The Missing Piece Cafe | Macquarie Park, Sydney

While there’s a lot of reasons to go to Macquarie, the food isn’t really on my main agenda when I visit. Sure, they have Papparich, Chef’s Gallery, Snag Stand and even Ippudo is coming too, but they’re not food places unique to the centre. When my friend suggested going to The Missing Piece Cafe, I was happy to know that there’s a well established cafe located in the heart of the centre. Finally, a cafe worth going to Macquarie for!

Enjoy a short but nonetheless delicious review of The Missing Piece Cafe, located just outside of Uniqlo.

Cold Drip Coffee – $4.00

I only recently started to drink cold drip coffees, so I am no expert in this field. Cold drip coffees, to me, are the more aromatic and fancier version of the iced long black. They are carefully and slowly brewed over a few hours, ensuring that the rich flavour of the coffee is extracted perfectly.

Haloumi Sandwich

Another classic example of ‘Jenny forgetting what this was called and how much it was because she is a terrible person with many regrets’. Whoever is eating with me next, remind me to take a photo of the menu before I hand it over!! Not to worry though, the taste is still engraved in my brain. Basically, it is a vegetarian sandwich with a generous slab of haloumi cheese (mmmm…), roasted vegetables and eggplant. The winning point of this was the beautiful, crispy fries that kept me pinching more from my poor friend. Seriously addictive!

Smashin’ and Smokin’ – $15.00 (replaced smoked salmon with bacon)

What can go wrong with avocado on toast? Answer is ‘nothing’. That being said, it’s definitely a less fancy avocado toast than what I usually like, but the simplicity makes it feel extra healthy and easy on the stomach. Also worthy to note that this originally comes with salmon, but because eating salmon would mean my face would swell up, I wisely opted for bacon instead.

CONCLUSION: It’s nice to see a quality cafe open its doors (though, it doesn’t really have any doors) to those who just want to sit down, resting after a hectic day of shopping at Macquarie Centre. The Missing Piece Cafe boasts a great range of menu items with creative names – my favourite being #Hashtag Sliders (that’s what I’m getting next!).  However, because of its immense popularity, it’s not exactly a place I would sit down and have a nice, long catch-up with an old friend. At the same time, the menu items are all very affordable! Definitely a place I would go to again when I’m in the area.

Address: 197-223 Herring Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

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