Mrs P’s Coffee | Burwood, Sydney

One thing I have noticed since I’ve started the design component of my course at UNSW Art & Design (previously COFA, but COFA is much easier to say), is that my awareness for the little things around me has grown. The textures of the buildings, the noise pollution of the city, the simple fact that I can feel the floor with my soles of my feet… Simply put, I have gone a little crazy. However, other than the fact that all this soul-searching is for an assignment, it’s interesting to see why things exist and how they contribute to our lives, even if it’s minor. Just like how each meal with your friends and family is a unique experience as you learn a little more about each other over delicious food. Yes, I am just trying to make excuses to eat more despite certain resource shortages (i.e. money and time). See how I am applying my first-week uni knowledge into my blogs now? I don’t just eat all the time, I swear I study.

As studious as I am (ha ha), there is nothing that will stop me from going on food adventures with my friends. Like, absolutely nothing. So when my friend urged that we go to Mrs P’s in Burwood after having a very positive experience on her last visit, I dropped my pen and textbook and went!

Heart shaped!

Mrs P’s is a little cafe in the busy suburb of Burwood, tucked away off the main road. Small, sweet and cosy would be the first three words I would use to describe it. Brightly coloured tables and cute containers, basking in natural lighting (i.e. a photographer’s best friend) is a subtle way of saying, “Hey, let’s brighten up your day!” 

Guava and Cranberry Juice – $3.50
Flat White – $3.50
Soy Latte – $4.00

Let’s talk about drinks. They have a pretty decent drink menu, ranging from juices, smoothies and of course, the coffees. My soy latte made me a bit sad – the froth to textured milk ratio of this latte was way off! The froth was too frothy, a little bit like soap. The espresso itself was nice and aromatic, though. Just a shame because I would love to give them another chance to tick off the “great coffee” box. 

Avocado and Salmon Open Toastie – $13.00

Oh look, it’s something just Jenny can’t eat. Well, always good to have friends who love their seafood because that’s where my food blog is lacking. My friend mentioned that the salmon here was a little dry. It’s definitely a great, healthy option but perhaps not the tastiest?

Potato Eggs Benedict – $17.00
Obligatory egg porn photo.

I urged my friend to get this. You know when you see an item on the menu that sounds awesome but you don’t feel like it? Well, that’s what friends are for: giving you opportunities to taste-test food. Like a normal eggs benedict, Mrs P’s Potato Egg Benedict substitutes the bread/muffin/source of carbs with (another source of carbs) a potato patty mixed with sage, giving that extra fragrant taste! 

French Toast – $16.50

Not sure if I liked this, it confused my taste buds a bit. The banana was a little too soft for my liking, but the bacon was nice and crispy. Can’t say much about the toast itself though… they boasted about using brioche bread but honestly, just tasted like normal white bread. Maybe my bread-tasting skills are not refined enough. A very mediocre dish, nothing amazing about it, but nothing particularly bad about it either. 

Please notice the sandwich in the top left corner.

Alright, this usually never happens BUT I FORGOT TO TAKE A PHOTO OF MY OWN GODDAMN FOOD! But if you look closely on the top left-hand corner of this photo, you will see my Chicken and Chili Mayo Sandwich ($11.50) that I thoroughly enjoyed. Small complaint would be that there’s not enough filling! I have a sandwich rule where my sandwich filling has to be at least as thick as the slice of bread they used.

Cinnamon Scroll – $4.50

I’m not a big fan of cinnamon (with the exception of a soy chai latte, mmm…) but this cinnamon scroll was SO GOOD and so soft! The cinnamon wasn’t too overwhelming and the icing sugar was a great way to balance the spice of cinnamon. Though I’m now wishing I listened properly when he told me where he bought these from because I wouldn’t mind bulk buying these to snack on during those boring lectures where the only way you can stay awake is by (constantly) eating.

CONCLUSION: While Mrs P’s isn’t exactly the place to get a hearty, button-popping meal, it’s a lovely place for a affordable, light cafe food. The portions are on the smaller size of things (might be good for those who can’t eat too much), and the coffee was a little disappointing. However, that being said, my experience at Mrs P’s was still a very positive one because the service was superb and the atmosphere was pleasant and comfortable. It’s not always about the food, people!

Recommended: Cinnamon Scroll

Address: 34 George St, Burwood NSW 2134

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