It’s Time for Thai | Haymarket, Sydney

Not sure how many people know this, but my first job was actually at my friend’s Thai restaurant! Unfortunately, it has closed down now but needless to say, it set a high bar for all the other Thai places I go to now. Upon my quest to find the perfect Thai restaurant in Sydney, I notice that Thai restaurants are generally on a scale of sweet to spicy. I guess I’ll explain further… I once went to a very popular Thai restaurant and asked for a spicy curry dish which ended up very …sweet?! It was confusing. I guess why I really liked the Thai restaurant I worked was that we always asked for how spicy people wanted it, whether it was a curry, a salad, anything!

Of course, there are people who love that sweet/very slightly chili taste of Thai food, but I personally like it full of flavour with a noticeable amount of chili. So it’s always exciting to find a Thai restaurant I actually love. It’s Time for Thai has two restaurants in Haymarket and Kingsford, for all you UNSW students who are looking for a good, somewhat cheap Thai fix.

Tom Yum Soup with Rice – $10.00

The way to my heart is a good bowl of soup. And who doesn’t love a great bowl of Tom Yum? You know it’s worthy when the flavours and fragrance go straight to your soul. It’s a wonderful, comforting feeling that’s hard to describe. This Tom Yum wasn’t too spicy, had a good balance between spice and sour, had the right amount of meat but could benefit with a little more vegetables/mushrooms. Definitely going to order this next!

Laksa Noodle Soup – $13.00

It’s like the Tom Yum, but with noodles and coconut milk and a few extra things. I’m not huge laksa fan, simply because the coconut milk can get a little overwhelming sometimes but this one was pretty light in coconut milk!

Thai Beef Salad – $13.00

The only time I order a salad is when it’s a Thai salad because, DAMN do they know how to make awesome salad dressing. I love how it’s sour, spicy and super fragrant at the same time! Great Thai Beef Salad, though there is one downside: there’s not enough salad and too much dressing! My leaves were drowning in it by the end of it, and I like my leaves nice and fresh.

CONCLUSION: Not a place you’d go for service but they do have really decent dishes for under $15. For me, who lives for spicy and sour dishes, this is the restaurant. If you’re more into sweet chili, perhaps there are other Thai restaurants for you. Being a student of UNSW, I am happy to call this place my Thai home for when I have those Tom Yum cravings.

Address: 767 -769 George Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

Recommended dish(es): Tom Yum

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 11am – 10pm

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time for Thai | Haymarket, Sydney

  1. Being to Kingsford one many times. Don’t usually write comments. I like your style of review writing compare to other reviews I read so far

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