Jamie’s Italian | CBD, Sydney

FINALLY A DAY OFF! Man, the past few weeks have been hectic: desperately finishing off photos for a client, going to photoshoots (and hence more photos from that), my part-time job, my internship, starting pole-dancing classes and PLANNING MY LONG AWAITED JAPAN TRIP IN JULY!! Needless to say, my life has been all sorts of eventful and exciting but it also meant that I am guilty of neglecting my food blog for a bit since I haven’t had that many food adventures lately. Shocking, I know. And just when my life is calming down a bit, uni is just 2 weeks away – where the heck did my holiday go?! Oh well, at least I’m feeling (somewhat) productive with my life.

Jamie’s Italian was the very first restaurant I went right after I finished my HSC in 2013 as a super big treat for well, celebrating the end of HELLSC. I actually did a food blog post on it when I was still very new at food blogging and just did it once in a blue moon. I was actually very sad that they changed the menu! I absolutely loved the Wild Rabbit Tagliolini I had and still remember it til this day. Still, Jamie’s Italian still provided a lovely dining experience and their service is always noteworthy.

P.S. Remember to book beforehand to avoid waiting! It can get super busy, even on weekdays.

Apologies for the bad quality photos, as with many fancy restaurants, the lighting is almost non-existent – something about restaurants that I would ever understand.

Grilled Free Range Pork Chop – $29.00

A few things disappointed me about this dish: the size of the pork chop, the taste and the …randomness of some of the ingredients? Overall, the pork chop had a strong, fiery grill taste but lacked the exotic flavours that it boasted on the menu: apple, mint, bagna cauda, lemon, kohlrabi. The pork crackling addition was a bit random but hey, not going to complain about it.

Mussel Linguine – $15.50 (Entree Size)

A super light cream-based pasta. Wished the mussels were bigger because I swear it just disappeared as soon as it entered my mouth! This pasta isn’t exactly bursting with flavour but the pasta was cooked to perfection.

Black Angel Spaghetti – $15.95

I’ve always been interested in squid-ink pasta but scared to try because, as most of you know, I’m allergic to most (not all) seafood and I never know which ones I’m allergic to til I try. I guess I felt a bit adventurous that night and I tried a bit of this because curiosity rules me. Don’t worry, I’m still alive – and good to know that I’m too allergic to this. Another light pasta that’s easy to go down – probably not something I’d order again because other than the fact that pasta is black and soaked in squid-ink, it’s pretty average.

Baked Mushrooms – $15.90

When they said baked mushrooms, I was expecting a big mushroom with cheese and lots of goodies stuffed inside, not the other way around. However, this became one of my favourite savoury dishes of the light because the dish oozed with cheesy goodness. The bread was deliciously crispy and ugh…. I know I mentioned it before, BUT THE CHEEEEEEESE!

Raspberry and Chocolate Rippled Pavlova – $10.00

I’ll be honest. I didn’t expect much from this dessert because I just got it because it looked damn pretty. This might be the first pavlova I actually remember the taste of and uhhh…. yeah, it’s just sugar overload. All I tasted was sugar, sugar and more sugar. The berries were too sour – there really wasn’t a balance between the sweet and sour, it just felt like a war between the two.

Epic Brownie – $10.00

Dude. Aptly named, this brownie was pretty epic. Perfect crispy outside and gorgeous, soft inside – the perfect brownie topped with ice cream and caramel popcorn! Simple, but beautifully baked – which is what makes it even more awesome.

CONCLUSION: The atmosphere is casual but at the same time, classy. The service is seriously amazing – the waitresses and waiters are all very well presented (like, seriously, they all look so good), well-mannered and friendly! One thing I would love for them to change is more light please!! For all the food bloggers and Instagrammers or just food photo-takers!! We had so much trouble and it’s not exactly a place we can openly use our mobile phone lights without people staring. The food on the other hand, can be quite disappointing especially when they carry the name of Jamie Oliver. No real stand-outs for me and really not the first place I would recommend to my friends if they wanted Italian food. Times like these when it’s clear you’re paying for the name, the service and the atmosphere.

Address: 107 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Date visited: Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday: 11.30am-11.00pm

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