Mad Spuds Cafe | Surry Hills, Sydney

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the new year! I spent mine in a more modest way by sleeping and spending new years day at work (but whatever, just means more money for food right??). I still haven’t done my own little reflection of 2014 so bear with me for a bit; I’ll keep it short! If I were to take one thing from last year, focus on what matters and what is important to you and be less concerned about what others want you to do – because #YOLO. Took me a few years to figure that out but I think I’ve gotten a little braver on my end to pursue the things I want to do. On a more positive note, 2014 was a super eventful but fulfilling year where I could try and experience a lot of new things. Like travelling with friends and being able to afford my own travel experiences for the first time! And of course, actually having the motivation to continue this food blog and not giving up half way. But none of this motivation would have existed without everyone who visits my blog – I hope by reading my posts, I have encouraged you to grab some friends and family to spend some quality time together, bonding over good food. I hope 2015 will treat all of you well and may great opportunities come your way.

Enough cheese (just kidding, there’s no such thing as ‘enough cheese’), let’s start the year off with a small but mouthwatering food blog post on Mad Spuds Cafe that is guaranteed to fulfill all your potato dreams.

Mad Spuds Cafe specialises in using potatoes to make delicious concoctions for their customers to all enjoy. It’s a small little cafe along Crown St in Surry Hills right next to other Surry Hill foo treasures like Fouratefive. There was only the two of us so excuse the lack of food/photos for this post, but I promise another post very soon!

Mad Potato Stack – $15.00

We had a very difficult time deciding what to eat because the menu was just so beautiful and potato-filled! So I asked for the most popular dishes and ended up with this good-looking Mad Potato Stack which tasted as sexy as it looked. The stack was riddled with different textures and flavours, starting with the crispy potato cake at the bottom then a generous slab of haloumi cheese to give it that savoury taste. On top of that, there’s avocado, roast onion, sweet potato and mint yoghurt that put the whole dish together. It looks small but the burst of flavour and potatoes makes it more filling – definitely a dish I would recommend to others!

Mad Pan Brekkie – $16.00

After the Mad Spud Stack comes a Mad Pan Brekkie. Breakfast served up in a pan? Heck yes. With all the breakfast essentials like a good poached egg, juicy sausages and some fine quality hash browns, this breakfast is a bargain for $16.00!

Mad Spuds also offers some great smoothie and juice options!

And then my camera dies for a bit and I failed to capture my drink in its full glory – so have it when it’s half full.

Thank you Mad Spuds Cafe!

Conclusion: Super happy with my experience at Mad Spuds Cafe – it offers all that it promises: delicious potato heaven! Friendly and helpful staff and a cafe with a great home-feel atmosphere to it. I just wish it was in a more convenient place so I can frequently go there and try all the dishes! Next time, I’m definitely going to try one of the baked spuds.

Recommendation: Mad Spud Stack

Address: 479 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 8.00AM – 3.00PM; Saturday – Sunday: 8.00AM – 5.00PM

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