Brewtown Newtown | Newtown, Sydney

First of all, I am finally back. I finally found time to just sit down at my computer, edit some photos and write about food, something I craved to do during those two hellish weeks of exams. Secondly, I am so sorry about my lack of time management and bad organisational skills – I’m sure I could’ve squeezed a review in the middle of my (somewhat) busy schedule if I really wanted to but I felt stress building up so I just decided to tackle some important issues first so I can deliver some quality content.

Actually, right after I finished exams like two weeks ago, it was my birthday! And how else would a food blogger celebrate her birthday? By fulfilling all her foodie dreams (and also by taking advantage of free food for birthday deals, of course) and abusing her power as birthday girl to take as looong as she wanted to take photos before everyone ate. Three foodie dreams were fulfilled this day – cronuts at Brewtown Newtown (yes, I also can’t believe it’s my first time), world famous gelato at Cow and Moon and some delicious ramen and green tea lamington at Ippudo! But let’s just take it slow and start off with Brewtown.

As expected, there was a bit of a line, even when I went on a Thursday but fortunately, it didn’t seem that long when you are able to chat with your friends for a bit (around 20 minutes).

Flat White – $3.50
Cappuccino – $3.50

First things first, I’m the realest, drop dis let the whole world feel it, I have to get my coffee. Almost always, you know you’re bound to get a good coffee when the latte art is this perfect. That being said, my friends and I probably didn’t enjoy the coffee as much as we thought we would based on all the great reviews raving about the coffee (and cronuts, of course). Perhaps it was just a bad day since I hate to disagree with the masses but I have to be honest – Pablo and Rusty’s and coffee from Melbourne still takes the coffee crown(s) in my heart. I guess the reason I say this is because my soy latte didn’t have much uniform texture to its milk, and the coffee taste itself lacked the usual richness I’m accustomed to.

Gnomes drinking coffee – much yes.

Look at me getting overly amused at the littlest things.

Wood Smoked Salmon with Israeli Curried Couscous and Poached Egg – $16.5
Poached egg appreciation time.

Without a doubt, Brewtown Newtown seriously knows how to present some fine-looking food. The couscous was a hit and miss for some people on my table but I personally liked it, it was flavoursome and had a really nice, bouncy texture to it. The coriander and lime gave it a lovely overall tangy taste to the dish.

Grilled Black Sausage, Eggplant Puree, Fennel and Blood Orange Salad w/ Goat Cheese – $16.50

I know they said black sausage but wow never seen sausage this black before – definitely one of the more interesting dishes. The blood orange was a bit random in the midst of the savoury meat and vegetables and probably could’ve been incorporated in the dish better if it was separated into littler pieces or something.

Elvis Burger – $16.50

Cronut burger! I’ve read up on a few reviews before coming here and this was one of the more recommended dishes – mmmmm just cheesy goodness. Maybe it’s my fat heart talking but I do wish the grounded beef patty was thicker and juicier and the cheese did overpower the whole burger a bit. I definitely love the idea of a savoury cronut though – the flaky buttery goodness of the ‘buns’ had my heart melting. Chips were a bit on the mediocre side and yeah, don’t expect to get stuffed from this dish like you would with burgers normally.

Corned Beef Hash w/ Poached Eggs and Peas – $15.00

This was my dish – I knew I had to get something with poached egg in it because… well, because poached eggs are awesome. A pretty tasty dish, most of the flavour comes from the corned beef and a little bit from the parmesan crumbs. Poached eggs were cooked perfectly but overall, not a dish to die for.

Baked Polenta with Mushrooms, Grilled Asparagus, Poached Egg and Parmesan – $15.00

When they mentioned that it had mushrooms and grilled asparagus, I imagined it to have a uh… bit more of it (no seriously, where is it?) – I didn’t really have much of this dish but my friend and I agreed that this is probably just two eggs, polenta and just a whole lot of sauce. Not much to fill your stomach with.

I’ll be honest – I usually skip breakfast and having lunch at 1.00pm is a bit of a stretch for my poor stomach. And I agree that I sometimes eat more than the normal person but the portions served at Brewtown are a little on the smaller side, much of it seems to be just for decoration and sometimes, for the novelty of it. The flavours are definitely there, though – but just as you start to enjoy the food – it’s gone! So at this point, I was just a little disappointed (probably because I was still hungry) so I immediately ordered some cronuts to make everything better.

[ Left to Right ] Nutella Cruffin, Glazed Brewnut and Passionfruit Brewnut
If there was one thing I definitely wanted to try at Brewtown, it would be the affogato cronut which unfortunately, wasn’t available on the day we went. I teared up a bit, to be honest. It’s okay because everything else still looked mouth-watering. We shared three cronuts – though to be accurate, one was a cruffin, a croissant and muffin hybrid.

Mmmmm… now the cronuts, I’d definitely go back for! Especially the passionfruit-flavoured cronut – the fresh fruity flavour as opposed to the usual artificial sweet glazed cronut (which was still awesome, though!) was lovely on the palate – sweet but tangy!


ALL DAT CHOCOLATE – there were 6 people sharing these 3 cronut/cruffins and we still had a bit left of this at the end. If you’re a huge chocolate fan, this is a treat for you. However, it was just a little too much for me.

Conclusion: Minus the fact that I not-so-secretly wish that their dishes were larger and more filling, Brewtown offers a great and interesting menu that’s uniquely theirs. The amount of customers coming in and out really doesn’t give you the time to relax and chill but I guess most people are there for the food, coffee and cronuts and maybe not so much the atmosphere. While I probably wouldn’t visit again any time soon since there was no particular dish that resonated with me, I would still recommend people to go there for the cronuts and maybe the fact that it has a cronut burger which still blows my mind.

Address:  6-8 O’Connell St, Newtown NSW 2042

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 8.00AM – 4.00PM

Date visited: Thursday, 20th November 2014

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