Devon by Night | Surry Hills, Sydney

Alright, I’ve allowed myself to do one blog post after my first exam as a ‘treat’. But yeah, my update is a bit late because I’ve been ‘studying’. That is, if “studying” means forcibly dragging my ass to the library and staring at the screen drooling at other food blogs because you just want to escape from reality, even if it’s just for a while. Obviously, that wasn’t my original intention on going to the library. My exam period is starting to get busier so you won’t see me here for another 2 weeks or so (WHY SO LONG?!) but don’t worry, I’ll be back with heaps of updates as my plan for this holiday consists of eating, sleeping, working and more eating.

Okay, enough ranting about uni – let’s talk about some food. More specifically, food from one of my favourite cafes, Devon Cafe in Surry Hills! Can’t believe I waited so long to try their dinner menu, which is only available on Thursday to Saturday nights, by the way.

We were a bit too eager and early…

Hmmmm… yes, we were the first customers for the night. They open their doors for dinner at 6.00pm and that’s exactly when we arrived because we were eager and hungry souls. But hey, it allowed me to take some nice shots of the interior without worrying about having recognisable faces in my photos!

Dem flowers.

My friends noticed that I always take photos of the decorations on the table – I just like my posts to be photo-heavy, okay! Plus, the flowers are pretty.

Apple Cider – $7.00

Apple cider craving – ticked off!

Oysters with Passionfruit and Yuzu Granita – $3.50 each

So I can be pretty picky with my oysters, especially if we’re going to eat them raw – the oyster definitely has to be fresh! One thing about these oysters is that they are pretty small, but because they are small, they go down very easily, especially if the raw sea-taste bothers you. The passionfruit and yuzu granita was a great and essential addition because it muted the sea-taste enough so that it was still there, so you know it’s fresh but not too overwhelming.

King Salmon Sashimi – $15.00

Not exactly the most memorable dish and seems to be quite the disappointment to my friends (yeah, I can’t eat salmon…). They said it was overall a pretty mediocre dish, though salmon is always nice, there was nothing about it that impressed them that makes them wanting to come back for more.

KJI Fried Chicken – $15.00

Korean inspired fried chicken served with gochujang sauce which is apparently a Korean red chili paste (thank you Google, as always) though this one had a very sweet taste to it – sort of like a thick, sweet chili sauce. The chicken was deep fried to perfection; just the right crispiness and seemingly oil-free. I’ll be honest though, I like my fried chicken oozing with oil so hot that it might burn your tongue and full of flavour and spices, leaving you wanting more (but maybe that’s just the fat heart in my coming out). That really didn’t happen with this one – the sauce was sort of a let down, too.

Devon’s Lobster Roll – $15.50

Another dish that seemed to all the rage when I was reading up on some food blogs! While I can’t eat lobster, my friends commented on how it was creamy and smooth and particularly enjoyed the softness of the bun, which itself tasted good. The roll itself is pretty small but it’s to be expected.

Aunty Yulja’s Spare Ribs – $28.00

Upon doing my research before this food adventure, this was one of those dishes that I had to try because everyone seemed to have such high praise for it! And man, the praise was well deserved – the meat fell right off the bone; so tender, so soft, so flavoursome!! It had me desperately nibbling on every last piece of flesh I could find on the bones. Other than being incredibly tender, the meat had that subtle smokey taste that made it one notch more awesome.

Chinese Egg Custard – $29.00

Now this is a pretty nostalgic dish – Chinese egg custard is one of those dishes my grandmother often made because it was such a convenient, simple and delicious dish. To me, it was always a homemade sort of food, that’s rarely sold in restaurants because really, it’s basically a lot of eggs, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this on the menu and knew I had to try it. Definitely not the egg custard I’m accustomed to from home but I really like what Devon Cafe did with this simple dish and transformed it into something that looks fancy has unique in taste. The fried garlic did come on a little too strong but a great dish with lots of different textures and flavours!

P.S. this usually comes with truffle on top but sadly, truffle season is over so they replaced with bits of lobster for ours.

Fried Ice Cream Bao – $7.00

Is it bad that I’ve never been a fan of fried ice cream? Sure, the fried batter is another added bonus to the ice cream but I find that it doesn’t really complement each other that well. Either way, I just need a good fried ice cream to swiftly change my opinion. Because this one was also pretty underwhelming (for me, anyway) – all I really tasted was the chocolate and the bao. Cute idea, though.

Green Tea Fondant

I won’t lie, this was the main reason I was so eager to go Devon by Night since I’ve been seeing this on all the food blogs and all the Instagrams. It was the first thing I asked the waiter about and lucky I did because they only had 15 left for the night! We quickly reserved two of those to ourselves and boy, I’m extremely glad we did. Mmmmmmm…. green tea heaven, seriously. The green tea lava was rich in flavour and I particularly enjoyed it because it stays true to the bittersweet green tea taste. The whole dish was a juxtaposition between hot and cold, deliciously smooth and crunchy which left me begging for more! Though, I do suggest sharing it because it can get a bit overwhelming because it’s quite a rich dessert.

Thank you, Devon Cafe!

CONCLUSION: First of all, I love Devon Cafe – it was one of the first cafes that prompted my love for cafe food and culture. So when I heard that they were opening for dinner, I got super excited and had my expectations high because I enjoyed their day menu a lot. The service was lovely – they were attentive and very welcoming. Overall, it was a nice experience, what I liked is that they tried to make some dishes that are usually quite common or ‘ordinary’ into something special to match the price, such as fried chicken and egg custard. Though, to put it bluntly, I don’t think they really succeeded, but good attempt (man, I’m starting to sound like a high school teacher marking homework).

Maybe I get a little more critical when you take money into account but then again, I think it’s fair to assume good service and good food for the money you earn with your blood and sweat (okay, maybe not blood). I already spend a lot more on food than most people I know, so it’s not just me succumbing to the stingy Asian stereotype which is… sort of half true. It’s just that there is no particular dish that really stood out to me that makes me want to come back for except the Green Tea Fondant and maybe Aunty Yulja’s Spare Ribs.

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9 thoughts on “Devon by Night | Surry Hills, Sydney

  1. The exam period is when I hibernate and get lost in food blogs. It’s actually pretty bad becayse I start drooling over everything that I want to eat but can’t, because I’m stuck “studying”. Anyhow a good fried icecream place is definitely Holy Basil. Highly recommend it 🙂

    • Yes, I love the strong green tea taste!! It’s rare to have something that’s green tea that’s more bitter than sweet haha.

  2. Yum! Devon Cafe has been my favourite cafe ever since my first visit there almost a year ago. I still haven’t been to try Devon by night and can’t wait to go! The green tea fondant is pretty much all I would go for though! Like you said, nothing else on the dinner menu looks like it really stands out.

    • Tell me how it goes!! But yeah, I wouldn’t mind going on a dessert run to Devon by Night just for that green tea fondant… mmmmmm…

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