Mr. Crackles | Darlinghurst, Sydney

So, one thing you should know – I’m a science student at UNSW. And being a science student, and particularly one at UNSW, it entails those long bus rides every single day making you wish you went to a university closer to a station. But there are some good points about these bus rides; some good memories are made like watching someone fall asleep on your friend’s shoulder or you hanging on for dear life when the bus driver makes those violent turns (alright, not sure if that’s a good memory per se, but it’s memorable). However, the best part of these bus rides, for me, is discovering new places to eat that I would otherwise have missed because let’s be honest, if I didn’t go to UNSW, I’m not sure I’ll ever take the M10 to and from Kensington. And that’s how I landed here at Mr Crackles in Darlinghurst – it was the place I vowed with my friends to go with my friends one day, since the beginning of the year – and finally, nearing my first year at uni, I’m here.

What caught my attention about this place is the name – Mr Crackles… there is something about these two words that combine together to make it sound so delicious. And how aptly named it is – it’s pork crackling heaven on earth.

My stomach rumbles as I wait for the food.
Just… look at all that pork crackling!!

Mr Crackles is a pretty small place, with around 8 seats on the side available so it’s more common for people to come in and get takeaway or ‘carry out’ as they call it, which is what my friend and I did.

Mmmmmmm… mouthwatering, delicious crispy pork and pork crackling. Of course, there were other items on the menu but my eyes were definitely fixated on the words “PORK”, “CRACKLING”, “CRISPY” as I scanned through the menu. We honestly did want to try a variety of items on the menu; we already decided on the Crispy Pork Nacho Fries and Pork Crackling (I mean, this one was a no-brainer) and we wanted a roll of some sort. So we left the decision to the person who served us and asked that annoying question some restaurant workers hate to hear: “What do you recommend?” but luckily, he quickly recommended the Crackles Classic so the Crackles Classic, we got.

Crispy Pork Nacho Fries – $12.00

Seriously, can you look at this and tell me you don’t want any? Nothing better than some crispy fries with layers of salsa, sauce and beautiful, tender crispy pork. I was a little bit worried because when I order nacho fries or something similar, they tend to be a bit soggy but this one maintained its crispiness for the most part and mmmm… I’m craving more of this now.

Pork Crackling Cup – $5.00

And this was the reason we were here – pork crackling. If you wonder why it looks a bit empty, it’s because my friend and I couldn’t wait til we found some seating and ate some – and boy, was it crunchy. The sort of crunchy that takes over your hearing, like, it’s crunchy to a colossal degree. It was both salty and sweet at the same time and guaranteed to satisfy all pork crackling cravings. However, I recommend to eat it as quickly as possible while still fresh and hot because it can get a bit hard to eat towards the end, when it cools down.

Crackles Classic – $12.00
Inside the roll – carrots, cucumber, mayonnaise.

So apparently, this is by far the most popular roll on the menu. And I can see why: bread that’s a little tough on the outside but soft and fluffy, and a soft centre with carrots, cucumber and sauce and topped with A+ quality crispy pork that has the right ratio of crunch and tenderness- simply awesome

CONCLUSION: Seriously, if you ever decide to pig out(hahahahah get it cause pig…. pork….) and just want a quick and satisfying bite, this is the place I’d recommend. They have some unique feeds which makes it stand out from other stores and will definitely be my number one place to go when my stomach is calling out for some pig crackling. Pork never tasted sooooo good!

Address: 155 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW

Date visited: 14th October, 2014

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