Rengaya (Yakiniku Buffet) | North Sydney, Sydney

Mention the words “wagyu” and “all-you-can-eat” and you have me convinced that I’m in for a treat. I think most of you will agree with me that wagyu beef is possibly one of the best meats out there and being able to eat ALL you want of it is probably heaven made on earth. Obviously, it comes with a price…at $69.00 per person which is a pretty big number but honestly, quite a decent price if you’re a huge meat eater like me. Bringing your own lunch for uni for a few days to save up for a buffet like this wouldn’t hurt at all, considering the quality of the meat and other stuff.

Note that Rengaya has a few conditions you must follow for this yakiniku buffet such as a time-limit (120mins) and the general rule that you will have to pay for any excessive leftovers which is very reasonable.

Asahi Super Dry

No, this was probably not included in the $69.00 (I wish…). Seriously, I don’t drink that much (though I am a fan of Asian beer, though) but seriously, this whole meal wouldn’t have been the same without a glass of good ol’ Asahi beer – seriously BBQ and yakiniku is an A+ combination.

Wagyu Beef

There were so many options of wagyu beef: outside skirt, rib, oyster blade, flap meat, rump, loin… (I don’t really know what these all mean, it’s on the menu) – we just uh…. chose them all! They were all…. so tender and soft and juicy. Wagyu beef can never go wrong in my eyes.


Ox Tongue

This place has such good quality meat. Ox tongue at cheaper BBQ restaurants can be a little tough sometimes but Rengaya serves quality meat – ox tongue is a personal favourite of mine so I always encourage people to try it even if they are put off by the fact that it’s tongue… C’mon guys, it’s delicious!

Wagyu Yukke (Beef Tartare)

The beauty of Japanese food – there’s so many weird raw stuff! My mum really wanted to place it on the grill to took but we told her that would defeat the whole purpose of the dish… This was my first time having beef taretare and even I was a little skeptical but it was a unique experience. The beef was in thick strands and had a really chewy but smooth texture which basically just reminded me of noodles made of meat! There was absolutely no taste of raw meat and it was honestly quite nice and flavoursome, even though it was quite simply seasoned with garlic and sesame oil. Though I recommend sharing rather than having one by yourself cause it can get a little overwhelming.

Tofu Salad and Salmon and Avocado Salad

Salad is pretty essential to a good yakiniku meal since just eating meat can get a little sickening, so it’s always a good idea to order some salad on the side. Rengaya has 6 options of fresh, quality salad for people to freely choose from (oh the beauty of a buffet) of which we ordered all of them and demolished pretty quickly.

Premium Pork Rib and Scallop

After plates and plates of wagyu beef, we thought we should expand our horizons and try the pork rib and scallop options which was all good and fine but ehhh….. we’re there for the wagyu.

WAGYU WAGYU WAGYU…. *drools* someone tell me why I’m writing this up at 12am

Some people say buffets aren’t worth it for the price but honestly, the benefit of choosing whatever you like and not stressing about how much everything is, is a pretty liberating feeling. Literally eating to your heart’s content.

Beef Rib Soup and Seaweed Soup

So we were nearing the end of our meat fest; it was time to wash down it all down with some comforting soup. Honestly, Asian soups are a masterpiece. I particularly loved the seaweed soup but that’s probably cause seaweed soup is THE BOMB.

Cold Soba

Truth be told, at the end of it all, even though I still had room for more, all the wagyu can get a little overwhelming because of the fattiness and oiliness so I opted for something more ‘cleansing’ like cold soba. The noodles were cooked to perfection and it was a great way to satisfy me at the end.

CONCLUSION: I might be a little biased on this one because it did feature some of my favourite things: wagyu beef, Japanese cuisine in general, yakiniku, buffet… considering I spent around the same amount on teppanyaki the other day, I think $69.00 for a huge feast that’s ensured to please, it’s definitely worth every dollar. I recommend going with large groups of people (~10 would be perfect) to maximise your experience and try everything if you can. We had around 15 people, which allowed me to try a lot of different things on the menu, though I didn’t take a photo of it all. Sure, the 120 minute time limit sort of sucks but I did find it to be plenty of time as service was pretty efficient anyway so I guarantee you’ll definitely be full and satisfied by 2 hours.

Also, although this blog post is on the buffet that Rengaya offers, they also have a normal dinner menu without  yakiniku (which is also awesome, by the way!) for you guys who aren’t so much of a fan of yakiniku. Though I honestly don’t see why you wouldn’t be.

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