Kobe Jones – The Rocks Teppanyaki | The Rocks, Sydney

Oh boy, the mid-semester break is ending soon and I have so many food reviews coming up for you guys (you can guess how I wisely spent my break) but I’ll save them for later since we all know that once finals start coming in, fast/junk food becomes the staple diet. So I won’t be going to a fancier (and pricier) place like this anytime soon.

Speaking about pricey – this is definitely the most I’ve spent on myself for a food to date. And even then, my friends and I being poor uni students, used a heavily discounted Scoopon because realistically, I would have to starve myself for two weeks to afford a 10 course teppanyaki at Kobe Jones Teppanyaki. So thank you to Scoopon for fulfilling our teppanyaki fantasies since for most of us, it was a first time.

Note that I don’t really have an input to some of these dishes I’m posting since I’m actually allergic to most seafood, sorry!

Seriously, this place was hard to find! I wish I took a photo of the exterior so it could help you guys in the future but that slipped my mind because I was too busy catching my breath after walking up all the hills of dooms at The Rocks. I was very surprised by the interior (again, wish I took a photo!) since it looked like it was very Victorian-inspired; it was lovely though! The lady greeted us and checked our IDs because apparently the four of us looked 15 or something – well, at least we look young…

Our super lovely chef, Yumi!

She then took us upstairs to a room with dim lighting (I guess that’s fine dining for you…) with two tables with teppanyaki grill where the other guests all sat around the table as well. There, we met our lovely chef for the night who kindly encouraged me to take photos because I seemed so reluctant because of the fine dining atmosphere. One thing I found out afterwards is that she was actually the head chef of The Rocks Teppanyaki so I am very grateful to have her specially make food for us, especially since I asked to change some dishes for me because I was allergic to a lot of things on the set menu. I guess one thing that makes teppanyaki worth the money is that you are able to interact with the chef and watch and appreciate the process of making food which is an art itself.

Daily Appetiser

One thing I noticed is that Japanese places, particularly yakiniku or teppanyaki places, like to start of with some salad. After a bit of research, the appetiser changes daily and is something to get the taste buds working. Unfortunately, this had salmon so I couldn’t eat it but what can go wrong with Japanese salad with salmon and seaweed? Japan knows how to make them salads, man.

Carpaccio Scallop Sashimi

Awww… another seafood that Jenny can’t eat? No worries, I can actually eat most shellfish! And in fact, I love scallop. And in my opinion, the best way to have scallop is to have it raw as sashimi so without a doubt, I enjoyed this a lot. The subtle wasabi pepper sauce drizzled over the fresh, thinly sliced scallop was a nice touch.


Another one of the cool perks of teppanyaki is feeling the excitement of the FIYAH. Just freaking awesome!

Flaming No.1 Special

And here’s the result after all that fire – it’s appropriately named, that’s for sure. Again, not something I could eat but I’ll leave it up to your imagination: “crab salad with avocado, wrapped in Hiramasa kingfish, and flamed on the teppan with our secret sauce” (as quoted from the Scoopon site). I mean, it has to be good if it was named No.1?

Garlic Prawn and Calamari Salad

Yeah, I don’t know what this tasted like. But I don’t think you could go wrong with garlic prawn and calamari and some fresh greens.

Hot Mushroom Salad

So I was able to get this instead of the above salad because of my allergy and boy, this was surprisingly nice! The mushrooms were flavoured with seaweed butter which sounds very new to me… like, what in the world is seaweed butter?! But whatever, it worked. It was really nice and flavoursome and the salad readily soaked in the mushroom juices.

Lobster Tail

To be honest, I am just guessing it’s lobster tail because I have close to zero knowledge about lobster and fish. My friends seemed to enjoy this dish and you can guarantee the seafood here at Kobe Jones is of decent quality and is very fresh.


My less extravagant alternative to the seafood. But still very delicious as the chicken was cooked to perfection, and you can really taste the difference of chicken being cooked on the teppan grill or just on a pan. Although, I do wish there was something else to accompany the chicken since it did get a bit bland towards the end.

Wagyu Roll

This was really interesting – it’s a roll wrapped with thinly sliced, tender wagyu beef with a centre that’s soft from the spinach and a little bit crunchy from the asparagus and carrot. I quite enjoyed this one, not only because I am a massive fan of wagyu beef but also because it wasn’t overpowering with flavour and just relied on the taste of the delicious wagyu to season the vegetables inside.

Yuzu Glace

This was the perfect palate cleanser. It had a sorbet sort of texture that was really smooth and went down well. It had a subtle citrus taste which made it really refreshing after having all that (awesome) oil heavy and flavoursome food on the teppan grill! Would it be bad that this was probably one of the highlights of the night?

Garlic Rice and Miso Soup

You can tell it’s nearing the end of the courses when you get rice as they try to fill your still-empty stomach. But then again, you don’t go to places like this to get stuffed. Now, call me uncultured, but I can never tell the difference between good and bad miso soup – they honestly all taste the same. Like, what is the difference between this one where it probably valued at around $10 to the usual instant miso soup paste packets I can get for 50c? My taste buds aren’t evolved enough. Garlic rice was really nice though and went down really quickly since I was still hungry at this point.

This smelt so good.
Crepe Suzette

Dessert was exciting – there was a lot of fire and the smell was intoxicating! Mmmmmm this was so simple yet so good. I’m not a huge fan of anything overly sweet but the orange-caramel sauce and slice of orange was a perfect way to balance sweet with a little bit of tanginess. French vanilla gelato that tasted like heaven? Hell yes.

CONCLUSION: Sorry for this half-assed yet super long review. I know I didn’t have input for half the dishes I posted, but I think my friends and I agree that it was a lovely experience and the location, though hard to spot, is extremely classy and perfect for dinner for special occasions. Again, I haven’t had much experience with teppanyaki so I can’t really say this with confidence but I don’t think I’ll be coming back any time soon unless I win a lottery. But even then, when I win a lottery, there’s many other places I would go instead. Overall, we paid around $67.25 per person which is heavily discounted since it’s usually $100+ – so my advice is, definitely wait for a voucher. It’s probably obvious that most of the cost comes from having a chef specially appointed for you and a few select others and having the opportunity to watch your meal being made. Go for the entertainment, maybe not so much for the food (you can definitely get better food for your buck!).

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