The Baron | Castle Hill, Sydney

After seeing The Baron being listed on UrbanList’s Sydney’s Top 10 Avocado on Toast article, I knew it was the next destination for my food adventures! I MEAN… GOOD AVOCADO ON TOAST? I’M SO THERE. It’s always been a place I wanted to visit so this gave me even more reason to go since it’s only a bus ride away. And a perfect opportunity to hang out with an old friend of mine.

Located outside Castle Towers, near the KFC entrance, is this neat little place that’s often quite busy (and very noisy if sitting inside) during lunchtime, even on a weekday. The place has a great, overall hip feel to it with its urban-style exterior and interior and of course, great seasonal menu that changes ever so often.

THE BARONNNN – I love the name, obviously.
Why not all the time? 😦

The place was basically full when we went, which was around lunchtime, so it was really, damn noisy. Especially with the open kitchen. Still, it does have its own charm – the sound of people chatting happily with friends and food making really isn’t a bad thing. It just means my food is coming.

Soy Latte – $4.00

Okay, it’s not often I get coffee art (that’s recognisable) on my soy lattes, so I got really excited over this. I understand soy milk is harder to have that milk texture that’s suitable for coffee art so needless to say, I was impressed! I knew I was in for a good coffee, and yes, it was a perfect cup of soy latte. I’ll be back for you soon, my love.

Chilli Chicken Sandwich – $15.00

Yeah, don’t exactly remember what this was called (someone needs to upload the most recent menu somewhere!) but it was something along the lines of this. Basically a chicken sandwich with chilli mayo, that really isn’t that chilli, with cucumber, carrot and a generous pinch of coriander. Nice and fresh, nothing out of the ordinary except that the sourdough does make it exceptionally hard to eat.

Avocado on Toast – $12.00 + Extra Fried Egg – $3.00
Yes, it’s so beautiful we need another angle.

This was the reason I came. This was the reason I got out of my wonderful and comforting bed and gathered the willpower to go out into the non-existent sunshine. This has to be the prettiest and nicest tasting avocado on toast I’ve even so far – there’s so many different flavours from such a simple combination. The fresh herby taste from the pesto sauce, the saltiness of the pesto cheese, the smooth texture of the avocado and the sweet/sourness of the cherry tomato was just… a wonderful, harmonious polygamy of flavours.

You know I really love something when I start going poetic about it. The egg was probably unnecessary, but I just really needed some egg that day.

Chocolate Cronut – $4.50

After having my first cronut experience at Badmanner Cafe, I had to share the cronut experience with my friend. Cronuts are taking over the world (well, restaurants), so they’re so much easier to get nowadays. This one was topped with soft chocolate ganache and biscuit crumbs. This was probably a bit too sweet for me but lovely to finish off the meal with.


Conclusion: Probably my new favourite cafe in Castle Hill – great food that’s a feast for the eyes and stomach and a convenient location (for me, anyway). Friendly, hip staff with a great rustic feel inside the cafe. The open kitchen can be a bit noisy but that’s part of the charm, too. Considering the quality of the food, I think it’s reasonably priced.

Also, seasonal menus are great and all but I hope they realise that I cannot live if they get rid of the Avocado on Toast. Like, just, please don’t. It’s irreplaceable.

Can they just hurry up and finish making the train line already so I can take all my non-local friends here?

Date Visited: 21st July, 2014

Address: Shop 461 Castle Towers Shopping Cntr Castle Hill NSW 2154

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