Three Williams | Redfern, Sydney

There was a period where I saw pictures of this place everywhere so of course, being sucked in by the aesthetics of the food, I knew it was a place I’d have to visit. Even if Redfern isn’t really a place I visit often. Well, that’s what food does to me… makes me a more social and active person. Some people wonder why I am even bother but if they love food as much as I do, they would understand. That and also, other than eating, I have no life.

Lovely, spacious interior.

We came at a pretty late time – around 2.30pm? Quite close to closing time which is 4pm. I mean… who can wake up before 12pm during the holiday, anyway? So it was pretty empty, especially since it was a weekday. The staff were so friendly and outgoing!! Good customer service can make all the difference.

Peanut Caramel Shake – $7.00

I can’t have peanuts but I heard this was really, really good. AND I MEAN— IT SOUNDS GREAT! Well, I can only imagine but from what I’ve heard and seen, this was one of the must-try’s when visiting Three Williams.

[ Left ] Banana, Mendol Date and Walnut Praline Smoothie | [ Right ] Iced Latte – $3.50

It was actually super warm in the restaurant so I opted for the Iced Latte because I thought it’d be bigger like most iced lattes BUT THEN AGAIN WHAT DID I EXPECT FROM THE PRICE— I knew it was too good to be true. They also gave us some Banana, Mendol Date and Walnut Praline Smoothie for free which was such a delight because it was so smooth but had little crunchy bits in it.

Raspberry and Coconut Smoothie – $7.00 (Lactose Free)

Got excited because it’s a smoothie and it’s lactose free which is great because I’m slightly lactose intolerant. So good news for all you lactose intolerant people! Though, real milk and ice cream/yoghurt/whatever they use to make smoothies still tastes better since I guess this smoothie was on the bland side. Though great to wash down some of the flavoursome dishes we ordered!

Chips with Aoili Sauce – $6.00

So when I’m really excited to go somewhere to eat, the night before, my friend and I would just exchange photos of the restaurant’s meals to each other. It saves a lot of time deciding because I already know what I want before I even step into the restaurant. This was one of those things – apparently these chips were damn good. I mean, I probably got a little over-hyped about these before so it didn’t meet my very high expectations (I expected heaven in my mouth, okay) but they were still pretty delicious. It was cooked to perfection with the right crispiness and soft centre and of course, the accompaniment of aoili sauce is always the right choice.

Big William – $17.00

A pretty solid big breakfast.

The Merchant – $12.00

FOOD PORNNNNNNNNN!! That egg is just perfection, though. Basically this is a fancier version of the traditional bacon and egg roll, with pickled slaw, ranch dressing and a bit of chilli on the egg (which you really couldn’t taste). Even though it’s quite small, it’s surprisingly filling but that might just be because we ordered a lot of food.

Glazed Beef Brisket Narnie – $14.00

If you didn’t know what a ‘narnie’ was like me before I went here, it’s basically “naan-style bread with filling” as quoted from the menu. So on top of the glazed beef, this narnie contained slaw and gherkins topped with delicious chiptole mayo. Overall, it was quite flavoursome and nice but nothing spectacular. The sauce was probably the highlight of this dish for me.

Crunchy Brioche French Toast – $14.00

This was the French toast that flooded my Instagram, so even though we were so full, I insisted on ordering this as a dessert to share. All that texture and fruity yoghurty goodness! Beautiful fresh blueberries and strawberries to balance out the sweetness of the maple syrup. Topped with muesli and crunchy bits! So many different textures and the right amount of fruit and yoghurt so that it’s not sickenly sweet. Definitely would’ve enjoyed it even more if the buttons of my jeans weren’t popping out…

Took this photo to help you lost souls who have no idea what it looked like.

Leaving this here for all you who are interested in trying this place – we completely passed it the first time. There’s nothing here that really shouts “THREE WILLIAMS” which is sort of charming in its own way.

Conclusion: A decent cafe with a lovely atmosphere and down-to-earth staff. I mean come on… they gave us a free drink. Free food will steal my heart any day. Definitely a place I’d drop by if I was ever in Redfern. But even then, I will definitely come back to try their new menu, which seems to have changed recently, and their sodas (they look amazing)! But maybe when the weather is a bit warmer.

P.S. There was three of us eating, actually. You can imagine how full we got.

Date Visited: 24th July, 2014

Address: 613a Elizabeth St Redfern, NSW 2016

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5 thoughts on “Three Williams | Redfern, Sydney

    • It was so delicious!! Planning to go for a second round soon. 🙂

      (P.S. your blog was one of the first food blogs that inspired to make my own! :D)

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