Xic Clo | Chatswood, Sydney

The foods that I associated with Winter are hot pot, Japanese/Korean BBQ and noodles with some delicious soup. Things like ramen, udon and pho are great because they’re so affordable and delicious! So how can Winter pass without me reviewing some pho?

I was with my friend who only recently had her first pho ever (AT 18 YEARS OF AGE!!) with me but her first experience was disappointing to say the least. So while we were in Chatswood, I decided to take her to a place I used to go quite a lot back in high school after Saturday tutoring classes.

I love these leaves, man.

I’m the type that loves her bean sprouts and would pour the whole basket into my bowl so I thought they were being a bit stingy on the bean sprouts considering this was for two people. Also, am I the only one that actually eats the basil leaves??

Rare Beef Noodle Soup – $12.00

A pretty average beef pho – not the best you can get in Chatswood, and probably not great for its price. AND AGAIN – IT’S GOTTEN SO SMALL! It’s not normal (even for me, who eats a lot) to be this unsatisfied after a bowl of pho. Pho is usually great to fill people’s stomachs at an affordable price but this was barely enough.

Spicy Pork Noodle Soup with Vermicelli – $14.00

Another one of my favourite noodle soups at Vietnamese restaurants! This was just the right spicy, though it still hurt when it goes down the wrong pipe and leaves me coughing and crying for help… I really did quite like the flavour in this but again, expensive and came in small portions. There wasn’t nearly enough noodles in the soup to make me full after finishing and that’s never happened to me before when I eat pho! I’ve been to Xic Clo before a few times and I don’t remember the bowls being this small at all or the prices being this high…

Those seats look uncomfortable…

CONCLUSION: With all the Vietnamese pho places out there, the pho here really is quite underwhelming when you consider the price and the amount they give you. I mean, it’s pretty sad especially since I used to come here a lot and to see that the prices got higher and the portions got reduced. Nonetheless, the soups are still quite flavoursome.

Even though Chatswood has an array of different restaurants and food, it really is quite hard to find some decently priced pho here when you compare it to pho haven suburbs like Cabramatta and Flemington. However, Xic Clo will satisfy pho cravings but maybe not when you’re feeling cheap or when you’re super hungry.

Address: 17 Spring Pl, Chatswood NSW 2067

Xic Lo on Urbanspoon


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