Coco Cubano | Parramatta, Sydney

I’ve been really curious about this place since I’ve seen many stores popping up in Sydney over the past couple of years, so I assumed this place would be pretty decent to be that successful. Naturally, I had to pay a visit.

Not going to lie though, we came here with a 25% discount coupon – the prices here aren’t very appealing to poor university students like me.

All dat alcohol.
Iced Tea (Peach Violet) – $6.00

I tasted the peach. I tasted the tea. I ain’t tasting no violet here. So the name was a bit misleading, as is the price… but nonetheless, it was not bad.

Iced Latte – $5.80

I’ve tasted a lot of iced lattes in my life (well…. I abused my employee benefits of free drinks when I worked in a cafe), and well… this one was probably the worst. My friends said it tasted like alcohol, but I think it just tasted like old, unwanted espresso plus some milk. Maybe it’s the beans that taste funny, but just not to my liking.

Havana Feast – $17.90

Well, honestly, I wouldn’t really name this a “feast”, especially when you could get a pretty decently sized big breakfast with a price of $18.

Bacon and Egg Roll

A pretty average bacon and egg roll. Though it was quite hard to eat since the bread was just tough.

Cubano Poached Eggs – $12.90

So this was the dish I ordered – basically a Latin American take on an Eggs Benedict. Though it’s pretty sad because there was no meat option for this! Instead, there was grilled tomato, spinach, poached eggs with hollandnaise sauce. I usually LOVE hollandnaise sauce but this one was a bit funky? A little too much on the sour side, so tasted a bit off, but that might just be me. Eggs were poached well, though.

Chicken Tortilla – $12.90

We waited 30 minutes for this wrap – we really couldn’t see why it took so long. It’s a pretty average chicken wrap with avocado and bacon. It was small and the wait really did ruin the experience.

Iced Mocha – $6.80

This was actually on the house as an apology for the 30 minute wait my friend had to wait for her chicken wrap, otherwise we wouldn’t have bought it since it’s quiet a pricey iced mocha. However, it was pretty good and rich.

VERDICT: Despite the negative reviews, we came to visit anyway out of curiosity. But I can’t help to agree with most of them. Definitely not a place you’d go for a filling breakfast for a good price or a decent coffee. I was quite unimpressed by how long we had to wait for one dish but I do appreciate the effort in giving us the free drink as compensation. I think if I were to go to Coco Cubano again, it would be for the comfy-looking sofas to sit and talk with some friends.

Date Visited: 12th July, 2014

Address: 3/302 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150

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