El Jannah | Granville, Sydney

My first meal in a restaurant in Sydney after Melbourne. I’ve heard good stuff about this place and its chicken and garlic sauce. So when my friend suggested this place for our little reunion, my body was so ready. Even if Granville isn’t somewhere I’d go for dinner, I decided to come and try this place at least once.

Evidently, the four of us ordered quite a lot… and overestimated our eating abilities.

Finally, I’m here!
Surprisingly a lot of people on a weekday night.

So the interior was pretty fancy for a charcoal chicken shop, pretty renovated place with bright green accents. Almost all the seats were occupied and there were lines for takeaway – this restaurant sure is doing some good business, man.

Whole Chicken -$19.90

The famous chicken.

Was a real disappointment. It was slightly burnt (or I guess that’s the point of charcoal… maybe?) and surprisingly dry… maybe it’s the volume of chicken they have to prepare every day for all their customers that sacrifices the quality of the chicken. But this was really quite disappointing.

Complimentary bread!

Though they did gives us bread for all the other cool sides they gave us.

EJ Platter – $18.90

So this contained some chicken skewers, with hummus, garlic sauce and chips. God the chips and the garlic sauce was a pair made in heaven. I can see why people love the sauce so much – it’s so addictive!

Falafel Plate – $4.50

THIS was a surprise because of its price – less than five dollars for something that could be a meal for a single person! I’ll be honest, at this point, I was too full to remember what this tasted like. But I was glad that this plate had some fresh salad to combat all the meat and chips we were having.

By the end of it, WE WERE SO FULL!!! And I am so sad to say this but we didn’t finish it (this rarely happens). Eating so much stuff with the bread was probably not a good idea since it filled us up quick. Either way, El Jannah is very generous with their sides which makes it a really cheap eat to share with friends.

VERDICT: Definitely an overrated place. Or maybe I went on a wrong day since it didn’t live up to half its hype. But great to take away or eat-in and share with family and friends because it’s SO cheap to share. There was four of us and we paid around $10 each and there was way too much food. The garlic sauce really was quite good though. I’d buy a tub of it to bring home and dip it in all my chips.

Date Visited: 8th July, 2014

Address: 4-6 South St, Granville NSW 2142
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