Badmanner Cafe | Chatswood, Sydney

Now til now, there hasn’t really been a cafe in Chatswood I particularly like or regularly go to. The Asian food here is great and extensive but a bit lacking in the cafe and coffee section. What made me impulsively come here with my friend was the word in capital letters: CRONUT. I’m somehow amazed that I noticed it from the other side of the road, but I guess my food senses were strong that day. SO IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A CUTE CAFE IN CHATSWOOD that has cronuts without needing to trek all the way to the city (unless that’s more convenient for you, of course), READ ON!

Not sure why I took a picture of this, it looked cool…

Badmanner Cafe is a relatively new, small, cosy cafe opposite Chatswood Chase. It’s interior definitely stands out amongst the other places around, giving the ‘hipster’ vibe (honestly, I don’t know how else to describe it), which I absolutely love.

Very cute decoration!

I think this place has a lot of potential! It was pretty quiet when my friend and I came but it was in the afternoon; but I do like a quiet cafe, though. Not to mention, they were playing Beyonce songs the whole time which is like, amazing. MY JAM!

\ Latte – $7.00 w/ Cronut

Yeah, I don’t actually know the individual price for coffee here but I imagine it to be average priced… like $3.50 for a regular maybe? ANYWAY, THIS COFFEE HERE IS GOOOOOD! I found myself finishing this coffee so quickly, the texture of the milk was perfection and the coffee beans used was aromatic and just right! This is the place I will go for my coffee if I never need one in Chatswood. Yes, I am willing to walk all the way down to Chatswood Chase from the station just for this coffee. Well, maybe. My laziness is pretty overpowering at times.

Sugar Glaced Cronut – $7.00 w/ Coffee

This is surprisingly… my first cronut. What can I say? It just tastes like a croissant with donut-type toppings. That being said though, I would definitely order this over a croissant or a donut. VERDICT: Possibly my favourite cafe in Chatswood – friendly staff, beautiful coffee and overall, a lovely atmosphere. The breakfast menu also seems good so I would definitely come here next time for some brunch with a few friends when given the chance.

Date Visited: 18th July, 2014

Address: Shop 2/ 284 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067
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