LuxBite | South Yarra, Melbourne

How could we leave Melbourne without indulging ourselves in some sweet heaven? Even before we came to Melbourne, we had our eyes set on either going to  Chez Dre or LuxBite or ideally, both. But we ran out of time and could only go LuxBite in South Yarra and somehow made our way there through these foreign tram things that confused the heck out of us. Felt so strange waiting in the middle of the road for a tram…

Unfortunately, we came a bit later in the afternoon and some of the cakes and desserts ran out but everything here still looked beautiful and delicious (though I admit, very small in size yet expensive). YAY PRETTY FOOD!!

So much caramel…
Caramel Cravings – $7.50

This was the reason I came here. I saw it on the internet and decided that IT WILL BE MINE. But yeah, basically this is just a fancy, experience caramel slice that was rather quite… unimpressive and disappointing, really. Even though the texture of the caramel was nice and soft, it lacked a rich caramel flavour. The salted caramel macarons on top were amazing though!

Green Tea Cheesecake – $8.50

This got me really excited since I have yet had a green tea cheesecake in stores that I enjoyed. Although I did appreciate the different textures on this, with the crumby top and biscuit layers in between the green tea and cheese filling, the green tea and cheese flavours were very subtle. Maybe it’s just a personal preference but I always liked cheesecake that was rich and dense in flavour which this lacked. It looks pretty though?

Macarons (clockwise): Bamboo Oolong Tea, Ribena Lemonade, Creme Brulee and Pandan – 4 for $10

Of course we had to eat the famous macarons from LuxBite! We all chose one each and I chose the Bamboo Oolong Tea because it was a rather unique flavour I have not tried yet. But I was very confused because it tasted really……. chocolatey……??? I MEAN I’M PRETTY SURE I ORDERED A TEA FLAVOURED MACARON… so this was a really sad moment for me. The Ribena Lemonade was an interesting taste, sort of sour… and well like, Ribena. My favourites from here would probably be Pandan and Creme Brulee – the texture of these macarons were pretty good, though I would love it to be fatter and more filling!

Endless Love – $9.00

Endless Love for this, indeed. This huge-ass macaron dessert thing is the reason I live. It was the only one left and I’m so glad we got it! The filling was nice and fresh, with fresh raspberries and lychee ganache – best combination ever! The macaron shells were quite soft and the whole thing just melted in your mouth. Definitely my favourite from LuxBite.

VERDICT: A good experience since they had quite a few unique macaron flavours and desserts. Lovely place with cute decorations but probably not a place I would recommend highly to my friends going to Melbourne – maybe for the Endless Love? The prices for the proportions were quite expensive and not really worth it. Maybe my expectations for LuxBite was too high? They do have a savoury menu that looks quite appetising though!

Date Visited: 4th July, 2014

Address: 38 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141

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