EPIC FIRST POST! [Contains a lot of Food]

It only took me more than half a year to finally start my food blog… Looks like I procrastinate just about everything. So during this half of year that I wasn’t blogging, I’ve been really busy with a lot of things. Like eating.

Honestly, I have enough photos for 20 more reviews but I can hardly remember anything to give a legit review so uh… have a lot of photos and rough description of the food I ate during this time:

Sliders from Street Sliders
Nachos from Cantina Mobil

These cute little burgers and nachos are from Food Trucks United, a food truck event that is held every first Friday of every month in Belmore Park (just opposite Central station). Pretty neat food event with good music and atmosphere to brighten up your Friday – this was taken sometime last year so I’m not 100% sure it’s still on.

Homemade Gnocchi with Arrabiata Sauce
Spaghetti Carbonara
Parpadelle with Duck Ragu

An affordable and enjoyable Italian meal at Il Baretto, Surry Hills. My memory isn’t amazing but I do remember how amazing the gnocchi and arrabiata sauce was – I crave it even now. Definitely going to make a second trip back to this place.

Some Chicken Burger
Some Angel Hair Pasta with Seafood
Some Delicious Steak Sandwich

Yeah, sorry, I couldn’t find the menu online so I don’t really know what’s in these dishes. I just remember stopping by this cafe called Lamrock Cafe at Bondi Beach after a looooong walk through Sculptures by the Sea. By this time, we were really hungry so I just got burgers and sandwiches to fill me up. Nothing special though except the nice view of the beach.

Green Tea Latte and (probably) a Latte
Big Breakfast

Breakfast food at Caffe Cherry Beans, Eastwood. Overall, average food, okay food and probably a bit pricey for somewhere like Eastwood that has some good breakfast deals. 


I think I shouted dessert and drinks for this one at Pishon, Eastwood because I got quite a lot of money from Centrelink at the beginning of the year. While the food and drinks overall is quite pricey, the cakes are nice and pretty and keeps me coming to try more of them. Pishon is one of those cafes I always visit if I just want to sit down and chat with a friend.

Baked Eggs with Pancetta, Spinach, Leek, Mushrooms, Parmesan and Sourdough
French Toast stuffed with Banana with Marscarpone, Maple Syrup and Rhubarb

Now, this is quality breakfast food. Beautiful french toast and baked eggs at Fouratefive, Surry Hills did not disappoint me at all! The food was flavoursome and unique and just really refreshing! I could really use some of that baked egg right now. The coffee was also great. A second trip to this wonderful place is coming soon. 

Spicy Pho

Sorry, i don’t remember what was in this… but this place in Burwood was pretty good for a place I randomly chose out of. Mint Vietnamese Pho and Cuisine gives out pretty good portions and the service was friendly and helpful.

Some Ramen at Manpuku
Mini Karaage Rice Bowl

Before a night performance at uni, my friends and I headed over to Manpuku, Kingsford for some awesome ramen with broth super rich in flavour – perfect for a cold Winter night. But actually, the karaage chicken was probably one of the highlights of the meal. I can see this place becoming a place I frequently visit during my lunch breaks at uni for my weekly ramen fix.

Chicken Katsu Curry
Ontama Beef

After failing to get into Hu Tong Dumpling in Melbourne, we decided to just go wherever looks good and has space. So we ended up here, at Rice Workshop, CBD in Melbourne. This place reminds me of Oiden in Sydney, it being a Japanese rice bowl bar. Nothing here really impressed me but it’s definitely a great place for a quick, cheap and filling meal. 

OKAY! Now all the old stuff is over and done with, on with the food reviews that I actually do remember. YAY FOOD! 


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