[ ARCHIVES ] 20/8/2013: Jamie’s Italian, CBD

Wild Rabbit Tagliolini – $12.50 (Entree Size)

【Restaurant · Jamie’s Italian, CBD】【Photographer · Me】

Wild Truffle Risotto – $13.50 (Entree Size)
Truffled Turkey Milanese – $29.50
Famous Polenta Chips – $8.50
Special Tiramisu – $9.50
  • Bill came to $73.50 for two people. 

About the Restaurant: First of all, sorry about the unimpressive photos – I haven’t used my DSLR in a very long time (been very busy with exams lately!). Anyway, my friend Jess and I decided, to celebrate the end of exams to treat ourselves with something a little more expensive than our usual at Jamie’s Italian, with Jess being a Jamie Oliver fan, we were both very excited! It was pretty funny since we had so much trouble finding it (using a map) and had to ask someone for them to tell us it was right next to us… and also we don’t eat Italian a lot so we were very confused with half the words on the menu, but we managed. 

Anyway, we decided it was rare for us to come here to eat so we ordered two entree-sized pastas: Wild Rabbit Tagliolini and the Wild Truffle Risotto and can I just say… that the Wild Rabbit Tagliolini was absolutely AMAZING – there was so much texture with the rabbit and the crackling (I think?) and the sauce was just so good. Definitely getting a main size one next time. The Wild Truffle Risotto wasn’t too bad either, it had a very light taste, and not too overwhelming.

And then the Truffled Turkey Milanese came – we were amazed about how big it was (though it was thin). I was a little disappointed with this one – it was quite bland and I usually don’t add salt or pepper to my dishes, but I had to for this one. Though the egg did complement the turkey well, there was only one egg for such a big surface area. We also ordered a side of the Famous Polenta Chips and when it came, we said out loud, “Wow these are chips?” because of the cubic shape – it also just tasted like cubed soft potato to put it simply, nothing special. After 2 hours of eating (and being very full), we shared a Tiramisu which wasn’t too bad, I did enjoy the orange marscapone they added.

Overall, great place and atmosphere, and excellent service. We arrived at 2.30pm on a Tuesday so there was no waiting line and the food was amazingly fast, but there also weren’t many people. I definitely enjoyed the pasta there and will go there again for it, and I’m also interested in trying other main dishes there too.

Food: ★★★☆☆

Service: ★★★★★

Value: ★★★☆☆

Jamie's Italian on Urbanspoon


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