[ ARCHIVES ] 28/05/2013: Chanoma Cafe, CBD

Matcha Chocolate Parfait

【Restaurant · Chanoma Cafe, CBD】【Photographer · Me】

Matcha Anmitsu
Matcha Shiratama Float
Matcha Fruit Anmitsu

About the Restaurant: Since we were in the city area for our Chemistry excursion, we decided to eat afterwards since trips to the city is so rare nowadays. After eating some beautiful ramen at Tenkomori that was just perfect for the cold and rainy weather, we headed just right across for some dessert at Chanoma Cafe, a place I’ve been meaning to go to since it opened. Beautiful place with a lovely green decor to match its matcha dominated menu (HELL YEAH!).

What’s not to love about a green tea cafe? There were also some Japanese hot dogs on the menu, but since we already ate lunch, we opted for dessert. It was also here where I had my first parfait, the Matcha Chocolate Parfait which consisted of matcha ice cream, cream, fruits, dango and pocky coated with chocolate sauce. It also came with a sort of syrup which kind of reminded me of the bad tasting Chinese sweet syrups of my childhood so I avoided that… The dango that came with all the dishes were delicious and soft and the ice cream was on the bitter side, which I liked since real matcha is quite bitter as well. I took a sip out of the Matcha Shiratama Float which was lovely although the amount of ice that came with it was a bit disappointing, and definitely not worth the price. The red bean that came with both the Matcha Anmitsus was a bit inedible as some bits were hard and possibly raw (though I’m not red bean expert…). However, because the proportions were quite small (to our disappointment), we also ordered the Shaker Fries with Soy Butter and Dried Seaweed which tasted amazing and was gone within a minute.

The downside was that the proportions were too small and thus, the value for them wasn’t impressive, especially since there were some notable flaws in the food. Another thing that bothered me a little was probably the wooden spoon, which distracted me from the actual taste of the food since I could taste the wood… but that’s not a big deal since it was quickly overcome as I ate more. However, the atmosphere and uniqueness of the menu selection makes it an attractive cafe to hang out frequently. Overall, the Matcha Chocolate Parfait and Shaker Fries impressed me the most! And I definitely will be back to try the hot dogs.

Food: ★★★☆☆

Service: ★★☆☆☆

Value: ★★★☆☆


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