[ ARCHIVES ] 27/11/2012: Chantilly’s and New Shanghai, Chatswood

Haloumi Salad

【Restaurants · Chantilly’s, Chatswood – New Shanghai, Chatswood】【Photographer · Me】

So to celebrate my birthday, I grabbed a bunch of close friends and went over to Eastwood to stuff ourselves with delicious food! And since I went to so many places, I’ll just do a  little comment on each of them, with an overall rating. First stop was:

Chantilly’s, Chatswood

Fettucine Carbonara
Cafe Latte

About the Restaurant: As a coffee lover, I couldn’t resist ordering a latte (my default coffee) which came in a lovely glass – the strength of the coffee just right (for me, anyway) and the milk nice and textured; if only it was closer to the station, I would grab a coffee from Chantilly’s whenever I get the chance. Wedges were surprisingly nice and crispy and disappeared really quickly, as did the Haloumi Salad. The pasta that I had ordered didn’t impress me too much, but overall a good experience. The service staff were welcoming and fun, too!

New Shanghai, Chatswood

Xiao Long Bao (Pork)
Shredded Jellyfish and Radish tossed in Sea Salt and Light Soy Sauce
Combination Stir Fried in Hot & Spicy Paste served with Cold Noodle
Hot and Sour Soup

About the Restaurant: So for dinner, my friend and I decided to go to New Shanghai, a popular Shanghainese restaurant in Chatswood Chase since my experiences with the restaurant in the past has been pretty good (back then, it didn’t have a long waiting list like it does now). Perhaps it was because we ordered the wrong food or perhaps we weren’t particularly hungry, but the food didn’t really meet my expectations. New Shanghai’s Xiao Long Bao isn’t spectacular (since I compare almost every xiao long bao I eat with Din Tai Fung’s now) but it satisfied my craving. The way they made the shredded jellyfish wasn’t my style either, since I am used to Cantonese styled shredded jellyfish with sesame oil, sesame, vinegar and soy sauce (my favourite!). However, I did enjoy the Hot and Sour Soup – the spiciness and sourness balanced quite well and really suited my taste, I wished I ordered more!

Overall, I had a really awesome day, with a lot of good food! I also ate a lot more, such as ZenQ’s Green Tea Shaved Ice which was quite different and the ice-cream like texture was definitely unexpected. And then, on my actual birthday, went to have a little snack at Fusion Cafe, Eastwood and loved their scrumptious chicken wings and Iced Hong Kong Milk Tea (hello, childhood) for a wonderful price, too! Thanks to everyone who accompanied on my many food adventures for my birthday!


4 thoughts on “[ ARCHIVES ] 27/11/2012: Chantilly’s and New Shanghai, Chatswood

      • I don’t think we have shredded jellyfish here! Send me a plane ticket and maybe I’ll try it. XD
        Merry Christmas, Jenny! 😀

      • Aww that’s a shame! It’s mostly a Chinese cuisine! 😀 When you visit Australia, I’ll guide you to some good food places!

        Happy New Year to you, Ann! 🙂

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